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Deep down, most business owners want to be more than just self employed. But they lack the strategic direction and support to build a brand that is known and that matters. 

My online Leadership Development Programs are uniquely non-corporate and specifically designed for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners - to help them not just grow a business stress-free, but help them jump from dreamer to brand leader fast.  

I'm Merilyn, leadership mentor for entrepreneurs and facilitator of strategic 'ah-ha' moments. I've helped business leaders grow for over 25 years, in 7 countries and 21 industries. I've coached and mentored award-winning business leaders in multi-million dollar international businesses and organisations. 

I personally was trained to think like an entrepreneur in my first job after studying Architecture for 6 years, and this gave me a love for rapid growth businesses and I've not looked back! I believe in maximum support and my courses and programs are unique in that they come with evergreen coaching and mentoring! 

So as you complete your workbook, if you have any questions please reach out to me at [email protected] or over on my Facebook page (link in footer, below). 


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The Lead Your World Business Strategy Template

10 Steps Planning Your Way To Brand Leadership

  • Retrospect - what you will and won't take into the next 12 months
  • Holistic visioning - Self care, relationships and business
  • Set your vision for business
  • Discover your business stage and get laser focused on what you need NOW, not later
  • Examine your numbers and project the next 12 months
  • Create a 3-part vital Marketing Plan
  • Schedule your marketing plan - go beyond planning to doing
  • Design your products and services plan
  • Craft your self investment plan

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