What's Your WowArchetype?

And why it matters to your business success.

INSTRUCTIONS: Allow 5 minutes. Select one statement from each group that describes you more than the others. Think back over your whole life and not just your current behaviour. 


Are you the PassionMaker, VisionMaker, PeaceMaker or HeartMaker?

Discover how your personality helps or hinders your business success: 
  • How you get stuff done... or why you keep chasing shiny objects.
  • Why you either love or hate the 'people bits' or the admin details. 
  • Why you keep sabotaging yourself one day, and are full of great ideas the next!
  • Increase Your Self-Awareness

  • Up Your People & Leadership Skills

  • Increase Your Productivity

About Merilyn

Merilyn is a leadership mentor for women business owners, creator of The WowArchetype and LeadYourWorld Academy and host of the wildly popular LeadYourDay Podcast.

For over 25 years she's helped leaders grow themselves and their brands, internationally. 

She's been teaching about personality for decades, and she designed the WowArchetype personality profile specially for entrepreneurs.