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The gender confidence gap is real, folks!

Even though women-in-business are naturally high performers, 61% second-guess themselves. 

And 85% say they are feeling overwhelmed. Entrepreneurism is tough. 

... and then there's the entrepreneurial roller coaster!

Entrepreneurism is the steepest personal growth curve of all.

Business owners come to me asking for a clear strategy of action, but the starting point is always the 'inner office' before the outer office. 

Peter Drucker said personal leadership is “the only leadership that’s going to matter in the 21st century.”  And he's right.


Being Australian, I know all too well about tall-poppies!

"Be a follower"... is the subliminal message and our fears have trained us to avoid rejection at all costs.

Social media favours celebrity over true influence - and we are ranked by our follower count. And how on earth did ‘Influencer’ become a job-title, Instagram?

But leadership! Isn’t that a bit narcissistic? Absolutely not! True leadership is essential. The world is hungry for it.

But the answer isn't to adopt the alpha approach... 'just do it’ or become another 'boss babe’!  We are sick of that hustle rhetoric. I teach a holistic approach that's about empathy as much as action.

"I was ready to take my work to a new level, but was overwhelmed of how to do it all. I needed something to happen. And what happened was Merilyn. I’ve gone from overwhelm to doing courses of my own, making more money than I ever have before and I’m loving what I do every single day. I’m so very grateful. This course will change your life."

Dr Khush Mark
Nutritionist, homeopath and lecturer |

"I’ve been on countless courses and I can confidently say Merilyn's programs have had the profoundest positive impact on me, not only as a leader of my entrepreneurial world, but also on me as a mother, friend, daughter, and all the other countless roles I possess! She'll move you from ticking off daily to-do lists to living an extraordinary conscious goal-driven life. Your future success depends on it."

Dr Maryhan Baker
Child & parent coach & psychologist |

"I was hustling big time UNTIL I met Merilyn. I was busy but not getting anywhere. Whilst working with her I stopped and re-evaluated everything, went with my gut and did the fastest business re-branding ever, revived my Facebook group and am getting ready to launch my paid program. I got soooo much out of working with Merilyn and my new way of working gives me so much energy."

MaryJane Sky
Social media & websolutions for artists |

"Best business course taken and I’ve taken a lot of them. I was constantly stressed, overwhelmed and disorganized - always looking for that miracle technique. Well, this is it. Worth every penny. I highly recommend it to anyone who feels complete overwhelm from the craziness and hard work that comes from owning your own business."

Aubri Armitage
Business owner |

"Totally flipped my business around. In working with Merilyn I had so many ‘a-ha’ moments and I literally felt a lifting - like a huge weight has been removed off my shoulders. My plans feel clearer and I can easily see where I need to go to get where I want. Merilyn’s energy literally just flows out of everything she does."

Sarah Humphreys
Magazine editor & award winning businesswoman |

"From 0 to 150 clients in a few months. Productivity isn’t just a nice thing to have - it’s a necessity for the survival of my business and my home. Merilyn’s programs and coaching are so much more than processes and techniques - it’s a way of being. I will be forever in her debt not only for changing my life, but the lives I impact through my work and the eight lives that will truly be my legacy because I was completely present when I needed to be."

Monica Perez Burnett
Personal branding specialist for network marketers (and mom to 8 kids) |

"Merilyn's The Productivity Cure literally saved me. I felt overwhelmed and all over the place. She lays out such an effective and easy-to-follow system that you can adapt to your own needs in business and life. I was able to implement straight away and create my systems from scratch - this time, the right way! I felt motivated and clear on my next steps, and what’s more important - I still do. Whenever I start to feel a bit lost, I come back to the course lessons and, once again, I get my ducks in a row. Merilyn is fantastic."

Matea Teller
Relationship NLP coach

"Merilyn's work changed my life. I was a completely stressed out work-at-home-mum, unhappy, sleeping badly and constantly thinking of all the tasks I had to do next, hoping at some point life would get better - once I had done all the stuff I had do to and could finally do what I wanted to do. Well, it didn’t! Along came Merilyn and after a few weeks I’m so much happier, calmer and more relaxed, and so is my family. I don’t have to hope anymore. I KNOW my life will get better because now I know how to shape my time, my self, my future. I didn’t just get some planning tools on how to get more productive. I got a whole mindset, outlook on life and remedies if things go pearshaped. Merilyn’s help and support during the course were absolutely incredible. Long story short I’ve gained a lot of self-confidence not just as a business owner but also as a mum (and as an individual). Best thing ever."

Astrid Ha
TV producer & media designer

Merilyn's Bio

Merilyn Wilson Beretta, creator of the LeadYourWorld™ framework and advisor and mentor to self-made CEO's and experts. She has worked internationally for over 25 years helping businesses and their owners grow. Formal roles include: international training & development executive, brand architect and strategic director to award-winning brands.  

Her superpowers are facilitating clarity, taking something good and making it 'wow', building strategies that work and transforming dreamers into action takers... and leaders.

Her biggest frustration is people jumping from course to course (and event to event) and not taking action because they just don't have anyone to support them and give them a clear strategy. 

Merilyn lives in Sydney, Australia with her teenage son and is equally at home in London. An eclectic mix of visionary, creative and inspirational teacher, she has an Architecture Degree and began her first business venture at 15 years old. 

For media enquiries, please email [email protected]

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