What does 'leading your world' mean to you?

Being Australian I know all too well that tall-poppies are often met with 'so who do you think you are'. 

Our culture and education encourages us (even if subconsciously) to be followers and reactors, not leaders.

And social media favours celebrity over true influence.

I know what it feels like to be shy, self doubting and thinking that it's too late to be dreaming big. I didn't start my own online business until I was 50. In fact I set up my first website in 2007, but was so scared of putting myself out there, I promptly took it down! 

I wished back then I'd had a mentor or coach who could give me real strategies - which is ironic as I've been that strategist for so many others. 

I'm Merilyn, self-leadership mentor for experts & business owners, brand strategist and facilitator of 'ah-ha' moments. 

So my vision now is to inspire more people to wake up to the impact, influence and legacy that successful entrepreneurs  (especially women) can have in this world.

And to give YOU permission - and the support and direction - to not just get by, but to LEAD. 


"I set as the goal the maximum capacity that people have - I settle for no less. I make myself a relentless architect of the possibilities of human beings

Benjamin Zander, conductor of the Boston Philharmonic

Why work with Merilyn?

Merilyn Wilson Beretta is an advisor and mentor to self-made CEO’s, self-employed experts and creatives.

  • She's been writing and delivering leadership and management development programmes, change management and teaching on personal effectiveness and personality for over two decades.
  • Has over 25 years experience with start-up businesses and organisations going through rapid growth phases, in 7 countries and 21 niches. 
  • Coach to a variety of people - from CEO's in multi-million dollar organisations, to creatives, experts and mum's looking for their calling. 
  • Brand architect and strategic director of award winning brands.
  • Pioneered the leadership school in London for one of UK's fastest growing organisations.
  • More than comfortable communicating to one... or thousands. 

Merilyn Wilson Beretta lives in Sydney Australia with her teenage son and is equally at home in London. An eclectic mix of businesswomen, creative and teacher, she has an Architecture Degree and began her first business at 15 years old.