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LeadYourWorld™ Mastermind

There are good and not so good masterminds. I believe a great program is one that is facilitated (by someone with actual facilitation skills) and blends group coaching with peer encouragement and accountability.

I've seen too many programs like this which are little more than masterclasses - with the owner of the group running internal webinars. We don't need more knowledge or tactics we need support, accountability, strategic direction and action taking. 

Just because someone has been successful in online marketing does not make them a great group coach or mastermind facilitator!

I've also seen groups with an intimidating (or even bullying) culture - where people don't speak up for fear of being criticised, not encouraged. 

My LeadYourWorld Mastermind is a breath of fresh air. Giving you space, support and guidance to put legs on those dreams of yours. 

If you have a growing business that you are scaling income (6+ figures), and want more influence, impact and to become known as a leader in your field, this mastermind might be your absolute next best step. 

It includes access to the LeadYourWorld Academy. Click on Apply Now and we can talk about whether this is your best next step. 

Investment starts at $10K USD. 


LeadYourWorld™ | VIP Strategy Packages

If you need quick action, then this is your solution. Spend a day with me either in Sydney or online, followed by ongoing support for 6 months (monthly coaching calls). We will set an agenda based on your needs, but popular areas have included:

  • Business Strategy - how to scale your current model and position yourself for higher end fees (and get you leading your business not simply working IN it).
  • Branding Clarity - get clarity on your message and unique Business Wow so you stand out in a noisy marketplace.
  • Personal Leadership Intensive - plan your next level of growth, revolutionise your personal productivity systems, up level your goals and leadership or team skills. 
  • Clarity Intensive - get direction clarity related to your unique calling and Personal Wow. Ideal for those in a corporate role who are wanting to kick start their own business, or birth a personal brand, but are unclear on which direction to take. 

Investment starts at $15k USD.


LeadYourWorld™ | Private Mentoring

I also make available a limited number of opportunities each year for private coaching mentoring. You could use this to:

  • Support the creation and launch of a new product or service.
  • Fast track your personal or professional development.
  • Have someone to keep you accountable, with direction and support to start, grow, scale your business. 

Investment starts at $15k USD.  


Application to work with Merilyn privately:

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