Take The LEAP...

Lead Your World, Faster

The Entrepreneur's Mentoring, Mastermind & Group Coaching Program to take you and your business up a stage in 6 months. 

Can You Relate?

You've spent good money buying courses, joining memberships, downloading the 'latest' and creating new products and services... and yet you are still unsure of what to do next to build your business the right way. 

You're great at what you do, in fact you're an expert, but as a business owner... you just aren't as successful or as sorted as you know you could be. Despite how hard you've worked. 

Or perhaps you find it hard to motivate yourself when you are your own boss - and it's a little lonely being a solo-preneur!

And you need help to lead your world. 

Did you know that most business owners fail not because their product or service isn't good?

In the 25+ years I've worked in business I've battled those feelings of self doubt too. I've seen many people fail not because they weren't talented, but because they lacked business experience, support and strategic direction. 

This happens no matter what country or industry you might be in (and I've experienced it personally across 7 countries and 21 industries).

And if you are like me you don't just want to grow your income and figure out the whole online thing, you want to join the 1-3% who aren't just good, but GREAT. 

Presents... The "LEAP" Entrepreneur Mentoring, Mastermind & Group Coaching Program


1. Support & Direction

Get feedback, clarity & encouragement

2. Implementation

Grow or scale your business, faster

3. Mentoring

Develop Entrepreneurial Superpowers

What Results Can You Expect?

A 6 month intensive that surrounds you with the support and direction you need to take a leap in your business. Designed around your individual goals, but pulling on the energy of likeminded entrepreneurs on the same journey as you. 

  • Implementation of your Lead Your Year Strategy 

  • The direction you need to achieve 1-3 business goals 

  • Your marketing funnel / customer journey - done!

  • Increase your confidence
  • Your ‘woo’ and ‘wave’ marketing strategies - done!

  • Beat resistance, procrastination, overthinking, overwhelm… you'll have the support to deal with any mindset when it rears it’s head

  • Transform your thinking into that of a leader

  • Balance your worker bee, social bee and queen bee time
  • Become a productivity champion

  • Increase the productivity of your team (if you have one)

  • Get that website built, that new product or service launched (or any other project you've been putting off) - with a mentor that is keeping you accountability for your projects and goals.

  • Grow your social media following

  • Finally get your branding and messaging sorted

  • Create new content with the direction and feedback you need

Joining A Coaching Group...

... got this introvert moving from hobbyist to business owner
Deborah | Artist


Isn't It Time You Took The Leap To Your Next Stage?

Mentoring helped this PR expert...

... scale her business
Caroline | Cheerleader PR


Here's The Plan

Group Coaching Calls 

Calls every second week with hot-seats on every call. There will be multiple calls to suit all timezones and replays will be available to download and keep. You will get a chance to be coached on these calls every single time. 

The Productivity Cure

Together we do a live run through of The Productivity Cure course. This landmark 30 day business & personal effectiveness program will lay the productivity foundation for your success. Eliminate distractions, beat overwhelm and grow your business. 15 lessons with videos, workbooks and exercises. Valued at $497, but you get this included.

Leap-Up Challenges

These are for taking big action in your business, with deadlines to keep you moving. Follow the group challenges (suggestions below) or create your own.

  • Personal & business productivity challenge
  • Marketing strategy and social media growth challenge 
  • Branding challenge 
  • Launching challenge - launch a new product or service (e.g. an online course)


Monthly 2-hour training and get-work-done sessions.

  • Quarterly planning
  • Content or FB Ad creation 
  • Social media scheduling
  • Customer journey (marketing funnel) planning


Group Orientation Call - During the first week we will have a group orientation and onboarding call to get everyone on the same page. 

Private Facebook Support Group  - Peer-support, replays of coaching calls, Q&A's etc

Mastermind Accountability Pods - Optional weekly peer-led accountability pairs/trios.

What Is Your Next Step?

Step 1 - Enrol

Click on ENROL NOW and you'll be directed to a secure payment form. Choose from full pay or part payment. 

Step 2 - Questionnaire

You'll be directed to a brief questionnaire where I ask you about your goals, your struggles and what you want to work on during this program. 

Step 3 - Take the Leap

Get ready to grow or scale your business and become the confident business owner (and brand leader) you know you are meant to be. 

"You have changed things drastically for good for a lot of people!  If you can help someone like me who vehemently opposes being organised, then believe me you have something special. My hubby (an Operations Manager – he organises for a living!!) has not been able to do it in 22 years and you are setting me on the right path within a couple of months!"


"There are significant people who come into your life and affect it forever - Merilyn is one of those. I had big dreams but no clue what direction to take, And quite overwhelmed by the huge mountain ahead of me. Merilyn’s training course and coaching transformed my path. Literally. Finally I had focus and a clear strategy to turn my ideas into reality. 10 years later, I’m an author, professional speaker and run my own successful business in Australia and UK. And best of all, I now inspire others the way Merilyn inspired me. Join in whatever she does. You won’t regret it. "

Pip Ravn
Learning consultant & author

"As an entrepreneur I was full of self doubt and needed to change some beliefs and habits that were holding me back and affecting my results. Merilyn helped me set goals the right way and helped me focus on what mattered most. Working with Merilyn is an amazing, encouraging and rewarding experience. Wow!"

Rosalie Audoin
Founder, Dielle UK

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.” – Jim Rohn

Productivity training helped this expert...

... get clarity on how to scale & simplify
Dr Maryhan | Child Psychologist


Why Work With Merilyn?

Most business owners want to be more than just self employed. But despite how much time and money they spend on courses they are left asking 'what do I do next?'. Merilyn inspires, equips and supports entrepreneurs to not just be good at what they do, but be GREAT!



"If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” 

This quote is attributed (but also disputed) to be by Thomas Jefferson. Quite frankly it doesn't matter who wrote it - it relates to YOU. 

You need to be around people who are going to support you and push you and who understand this entrepreneurial roller coaster (in a way that your friends and family don't). 

You don't need more qualifications and courses... you have expertise and experience already... what you are lacking is IMPLEMENTATION and the confidence that you are doing it right.

Merilyn is a professional facilitator, coach, leadership mentor and brand strategist. She inspire (and push) you to do what you've never done before! With lots of virtual hugs included!



Still Got Questions?

This isn't for everyone. But if you are willing to invest in your business and yourself and do the work involved then you will reap the benefits.

Ideally it is best suited to those who have a business (or a strong business idea) they want to grow or scale through online products and services. 

You want coaching and mentorship from Merilyn, plus the support and strategic direction. You also want a mastermind element (community and peer accountability).

You know you work best when you have a deadline to complete a goal! 

Where were you in your business 3 months ago? If you have grown considerably then great, but if you didn't, can you afford another season like that?

How will you feel when you get half way through 2019 and you've not made the personal progress and income increase you desire? 

It's time to move the needle and get help. 

As this is a coaching programme, there are no refunds and full payment is required regardless of your participation. 

I can guarantee that you will grow if you put in the work. 

However, if something unfortunate happens and you need to pull out due to a medical or personal emergency, then I will hold your place in a future Coaching Program (starting mid or late 2019).

I don't believe in get rich quick programmes. I believe in strategic work. I also believe in giving high value and serving and supporting others to be the absolute best they can be. I believe in work that produces income so that we can add to the world - inspire, lead and influence the world for good.  My courses and programmes are designed to help you lead your world and share you message with a wider audience, all whilst  growing your business.
As stipulated by law, I do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with my programmes, courses, teaching, coaching or methodologies.
As you know, it takes focus and consistent diligence to succeed, so I expect your fullest effort when participating - so that you can make the most of the coaching and training opportunities I am giving you. Your results are up to you.
Nothing on this information page or any of my websites or courses is a promise or guarantee of results or future earnings, and I do not offer financial, legal, medical, or other professional advice.
Just sayin... I want you to succeed at your goals, but be safe. Over to you now.