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A 4-part video training to give you clarity about what to do next in life...

Hi, I'm Merilyn

I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. Even though I'd done exciting things in my life, including careers in both corporate and creative fields in Australia and Europe, motherhood, plus run a few business of my own, I still had that nagging question, 'What I was meant to be doing in life?'.

For years I looked for a course or a mentor to help me uncover the holy grail of a 'calling'. But nothing fitted - they were either too lightweight or more like corporate career counselling.

After I went through a series of traumas, which I now affectionately call my 'D decade’ (lots of drama) I started to rethink everything. I woke up and figured out a different way to get that clarity I craved.

So I got to work, used my decades of experience within creative, teaching, and leadership roles and built WHAT’S YOUR WOW. It’s the course I'd been looking for, but never found! This LIFE CLARITY WORKSHOP is a free introduction to that full course. Keep reading to find out what you'll learn. 

The Free Life Clarity Workshop 

Join this workshop to help you on search for clarity about what to do next with your life. It's FREE a taster of my full What's Your Wow programme. 

✔️ Discover what your 'calling' is and why it's essential to your health to find out...

✔️ The 10 most common obstacles that prevent you getting clarity and what to do to overcome them...

✔️ The 4-step Wow Method for getting life clarity in 30 days, even if you've tried everything else and nothing has worked...

and much much more...


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