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LeadYourWorld Academy

The only program you'll need to not just build your business, but become the leader your tribe is craving for. 

Did you know that 90% of businesses fail in the first 5 years?

And only 2% of female entrepreneurs reach $1M

(And it's not because of the economy)

Why? Because they lack the right support and direction to deal with the INTERNAL challenges of building their own business. Overwhelm... feeling stuck... overworking... the patriarchy... the inability to ride the entrepreneurial emotional roller coaster.

And you know who often struggle the most? Women, who in their corporate jobs were high performers... yet when it comes to building their own brand, are full of self-doubt.

Here's the brutal fact... buying another course isn't going to get you where you want to go. The jumping from webinar to webinar, freebie to freebie, guru to guru... isn't giving you the long term momentum and strategies you need. And it's costing you time and money (and messing with your confidence)!

I want you to be one of the 10% who not only succeed... but LEAD!

And give you the exact support and strategic guidance you need to help you operate in your unique wow-zone... without the overwork, overwhelm and pressure to adopt the 'follow-me' trends in launching and marketing.

I want to disrupt that statistic and see more and more women entrepreneurs reach the $1M mark and more. 

Hi, I'm Merilyn Wilson Beretta. I've been an advisor and coach to experts, self-made CEO's and leaders for 20+ years. Join me and borrow my experience... and become the LEADER of your mind, your income, your niche and your world. You'll be surrounded with the coaching, support, accountability and direction you need for a whole year. 

Don't just build the business you were born for... become the leader your world is craving to follow.

● Find Your Business Wow

● Accelerate Your Confidence

● Build Income Momentum

The LeadYourWorld Academy


The only program you need to help you not just build your business, but become the leader your tribe is craving for

(And help YOU THRIVE through any economic weather!)

LeadYour World is a 12-month 'circular' program (so you can enter at any month, no matter what business stage you are at - whether starting, growing or scaling). 

JOIN NOW, or book a free quick call to talk through any questions you still have. 


"Your story resonates with me – it’s so inspiring and  women can relate to it."

SIGRUN | sigrun.com

"I’m going to brag on you here… you were the biggest surprise - we don’t know where you came from, but when we met we knew we wanted more of what you bring. You want a coach that’s knowledgeable, personable and one who cheerleaders for you and tells you when you mess up. And someone who brings the fun factor - someone you enjoy interacting with. You are all that!"


Here's What LeadYourWorld Helps Your Be & Do:

  • Not only get more productive personally, but get the in depth support you need to get your business productive and profitable... even during these changing times. 
  • Get your business online quickly (or expand your online products or services) - and find out what works NOW and what doesn't. 
  • Get the strategic direction & accountability you really need (instead of yet another tactical course that leaves you wanting, with nobody to ask questions). 
  • Discover a holistic, inside-out approach to business, that puts mental and emotional health up there as being as important as business & marketing skills.
  • Find out the exact strategies to scale your business income to 6-7 figures.
  • Apply a personality driven approach to your business that honours your WowArchetype.
  • Discover a relationship driven marketing approach (because you are sick of the funnels, hustle and impersonal approach to online marketing). 
  • Be surrounded by a community, support and guidance of other entrepreneurs who 'get' you.
  • Become a leader in your niche and life (and not just be another lookalike brand).
  • And much, much more...


LeadYour World Academy is a 12-month 'circular' group program (so you can enter at any month, no matter what business stage you are at - whether starting, growing or scaling). 

"I was at the stage in my business where you recommended I just start getting sales, and I have! I’ve made more money in my business in the last 2.5 months than I did in the last 2.5 years combined! I took inspired action and kept going even though I was anxious about it. "

Willow Rush
Lead Your World Academy Member

Here's How LeadYourWorld Works

12 Months of:


  • Live calls are rotated to cater for all timezones. 
  • Weekly Live Q&A.
  • 2-4 Live Hotseat Coaching & Breakout Group Calls per month.
  • A 24/7 support circle community in our private Facebook group.


  • Self-managed mastermind pods - for peer support.
  • Weekly accountability posts that are followed up by our coaches.
  • Feedback posts & assessment - monthly/seasonally.


  • 12 months rolling/circular training (you can enter at any point), covering personal and business leadership. Join in as we do each course live, or do them at your own pace. Scroll down further to see list of training. 
  • Up to date topics via regular Live Masterclasses & Guest Classes.
  • Challenges, Implemento's & Planathons to help you implement faster.

PLUS - Promote your offers for free in our Online Resource Store & Marketplace. 


LeadYour World Academy is a 12-month 'circular' group program (so you can enter at any month, no matter what business stage you are at - whether starting, growing or scaling). 

The LeadYourWorld Education

We cover each of these subjects together, with live components and additional workathons/coaching, throughout the 12 months, so there is no feeling of being 'behind'. And if you prefer to self-study you can do that as well.

It's also a 'circular' program - you can enter at any point.

Lead Your Mind

Unleash Your Inner Leader. The ability to successfully build a business depends on one thing: your ability to ride the ‘emotional roller coaster’.. aka MINDSET! This essential course will strengthen your thinking, emotions and reactions and get you thinking every day as a leader. 

Lead Your Personality

Explore the WowArchetypes and discover how to confidently lead yourself, influence others and put more personality into your brand. Increased self awareness about why you do the things you do. This whole course is an insightful journey full of ah-ha’s and breakthroughs.  

Lead Your Time

AKA The Productivity Cure! This is a complete personal and business effectiveness system that fuses time-management, business growth and wellbeing. Get focused. Eliminate Overwhelm. Declutter your life & mindsets and move quickly from overwhelm to aaaahhh! 

Lead Your Marketing

Marketing does not have to be scary, it’s about developing relationships. Transform your thinking about marketing (and even fall in love with it), even if you aren't the marketing-type! This course is relevant for every business owner - online, offline, products and services. 

Lead Your Brand

So many business owners have great products or services, but they fail to get the messaging right. They end up confusing potential customers and just adding to the ’noise’ on the internet. Branding is way more than a logo and a colour palette. This course looks at you as a brand. 

Lead Your Year

A strategy creation bootcamp to help you plan your business growth, big picture and not just be reacting to whatever comes your way, but truly be leading your year. You’ll work ON your business in this fundamental bootcamp to reduce your personal overwhelm and know where you are headed. 

Lead Your Business

As a business owner it's easy to spend all your time working IN your business rather than on it. Although all the LYWA focuses on you as a leader, this subject specifically prepares your mind and actions for being the CEO of your business - not just a worker bee. 

Lead Your Team

If you want to scale your income and influence, having the right team is essential. How to find the right people, train, coach and develop your team. How to be a leader and a manager. How to delegate without abdicating. Team productivity and communication. Working with personality and love languages. 

What's My Investment?

Where else could you get the support and direction you need to grow your business for approximately $4 day (you probably spend more than that on a coffee).

Payment Plan


6 x Monthly - USD

12 Month Membership

$597 $397

Price increases soon


Full Payment


1 Payment (save $385) - USD

12 Month Membership

$2997 $1997

Price increases soon


Academy + Mentoring


Lifetime Membership to LeadYourWorld, PLUS

Private Monthly Mentoring with Merilyn for 12 months

Book a consultation call to see if this is the right next step for you. 

$15k $9997

Price increases soon


Plus, You'll Also Get: 

Online Fast Track Bootcamps

Zero To Launched Online in 30 Days

Need to get online with a new offer fast? I will teach you how to launch using my wildly successful Open Workshop Launch Strategy, organically. 

  • Get a new product or service launched in 30 days.
  • Move from offline to online in 30 days.
  • Fast track your copy & offer.
  • Fast track your tribe.
  • Fast track your launch.
  • Valued at $997

I will train you and help you get to market by Day 31 (or very soon after). 


PLUS two more 30 Day Bootcamps in 2020 include:

  1. Create Your Online Course
  2. Create Your Group Coaching Program

Implementation, Not Overwhelm

This is NOT a course or membership site. It's an accountability programme that facilitates you to implement, and where you need education, it will be provided too. 

Accountability, Not Comparison

Let's be honest.. doing this by yourself has not got you very far, has it? You will be held accountable for your growth and have multiple ways to get the support you need. 

Strategic Direction, Not Hacks

Feel confident that you have the right goals and strategy in the first place. Get clear direction over what to do next to gain income and marketing momentum. 

What's Your Wow Workshop

Don't know what business to start or pivot to? We've got you covered with this 4 module workshop. 

The ultimate self-awareness & life-clarity programme. A step-by-step process to explore who you are, what lights you up and figure out what to do next with your life. Valued at $497.

Plus you also get:

  • FocusMatrix, to help you make decisions when you have multiple great ideas.
  • The MentalGym, to help flex your mindset muscles.
  • The NextLevel framework for when you are ready to up your self awareness even more.




The first project you will work on will be to EARN BACK the cost of your investment into the Academy within 3 months. 


"Merilyn is just one of those super-talented, multi-talented people... she has vision and can help others see a bigger horizon for themselves, often when they’re stuck in the inevitable minutia and can barely see beyond the action list! She’s been a big influence on Temple Spa and we love her to bits."

LIZ WAROM, multiple award-winning  | templespa.com

"Merilyn, you are a leader of leaders."

DR VALERIE REIN, Best selling author  |  drvalerie.com

You don't need another course or qualification

You need ACCOUNTABILITY, SUPPORT and ACTION for longer. And that's exactly what Lead Your World is designed to do.

Lead Your Life. Lead Your Dream.


From Overwhelmed To Focused

Merilyn really cares about changing the lives of her clients. Working with Merilyn has been life changing for me - I've transformed from drowning in to-do's to launching my online services and courses. 

Caroline Joynson | cheerleaderpr.co.uk


From 'Non-businessy' To Working Artist

The day my path crossed with Merilyn is the day that changed the way I view everything. I was flitting from one shiny object to the next and getting nowhere. She's got this right-brained artist planning, organised and working on my business, as a business owner. My whole life has changed immeasurably. 

Deborah Jackson | deborahjacksononart.com





Frequently Asked Questions

Ideal for all who believe they are called to be entrepreneurial, even if they haven't had their break yet.

It's also ideal for self employed experts and creatives who don't consider themselves 'business-y' but know they need to be leaders in their fields. 

Plus it's suitable for Intrapreneuers within an organisation, which also includes those in direct sales. 

Because the programme is uniquely focused on YOU becoming the leader your business needs, it is relevant for any type of business - services and product based business, online or offline. 


  • You recognise that online presence is crucial.
  • You don't want to just run a business - you want to play bigger and lead something remarkable.
  • You don’t want to just get by - you want to reach 100k and beyond. 
  • You are sick of jumping from course to course and not making progress on how to actually build and lead a strong business.

Note - yes, men are welcome in this programme as long as they understand that it's about 95% women and they are sympathetic to Patriarchy Stress Disorder. 

LeadYourWorld Entrepreneurs works for owners of service and product businesses

  • Solo-preneurs
  • Intro-preneurs
  • Non profits
  • Consultants & professionals
  • Retail
  • Direct/network marketers
  • Start ups
  • Artists & creatives
  • Therapists & experts
  • Small businesses
  • Both online and off-line (with a big emphasis on getting offline businesses online)
Note - it will also work for those who haven't even started yet (but have the dream)

Ask yourself these questions...

  • How much is being stuck costing you in money, time and stress?
  • How many potential clients are you not reaching because of fear of visibility or unclear marketing (or simply lack of confidence)?
  • How much has all those unfinished courses cost you? 
  • What is is costing you to NOT be making money from your business?
  • Here's a question - where were you in your business 12 months ago? If you have grown considerably then you probably don't need LYW, but if you didn't, can you afford another season like that?
  • How will you feel when you get to the end of the year and you've still not made the personal progress and income increase you desire? 

It's time to move the needle and get help. 

Because this is a live coaching programme, there are no refunds, regardless of your participation. 

Don't commit to this unless you're ready to follow through (you'll get all the hugs and butt-kicks you need!)


Strategic direction, support and implementation 
  • Group Coaching Clinics - these are the heart of the programme. You can have a 'hotseat' (live coaching with Merilyn), or watch others being coached. Calls are held in multiple timezones. Come and be coached, or just be encouraged and uplifted by watching others be coached. These calls make you feel part of a team. 
  • Live Q&A - so you can get your answers fast, in between coaching calls. 
  • Planathons - at the start of every quarter we have a 2-hour planning and strategy session to ensure you are on the right track. This is a facilitated process with lots of opportunity to ask questions and/or be coached.  
  • Quick Action Challenges - these can be 1 or 3 days in length and are designed to reinforce what we are learning in the courses. E.g. decluttering, creating a new product, creating a freebie, practicing going 'live' in the group, social media challenge, planning challenge etc. 

Entrepreneur & life leadership training 

A 12 month curriculum that has two strands:

1) Lead your self - personal leadership development (the internal stuff that has the biggest influence on your success), mindsets, productivity, personality.  

2) Lead your business - marketing, business strategy, branding and messaging (so you stand out as the leader, not another lookalike brand). 

Each subject is covered live together or you can jump ahead and take yourself through them, self-paced (scroll down further for details of subjects). Each subject is valued between $500-$2000 on their own.

Support, accountability & community

A wildly supportive and incredibly encouraging community, with absolutely no divas! 

  • Private Community (Facebook Group), which is a safe and encouraging space. Merilyn does regular lives here and you'll find friendship and support (as being your own boss can be lonely).

  • Self-managed Accountability & Mastermind Pods. Small groups of 2-3 people meeting every two weeks for 20 minutes to hold each other accountable for their goals.  



ACCOUNTABILITY (oodles of it)

  • Live Zoom Coaching Group Calls all year, every week, not just for a few weeks.
  • Some coaching calls will be allocated for different business stages. And some calls will be focused on mental health. 
  • The education is run 'live' over 12 months (2 subjects per quarter for better 'digestion') - i.e. we do them together, not left to gather dust on your computer. There are 2 strands of subjects: 1) Lead Your self and 2) Lead your business. 
  • There are incentives to keep you implementing - like contests and challenges.
  • Get customised direction, not generalised content.
  • There's real community - support, not an 'audience' that watches/observes, but that gets involved. No competitiveness or bitchiness or show offs. Friendship. Accountability. And loads of 'virtual' casseroles when you are feeling under the weather. 
  • You get access to me (I'm not in some ivory tower).
  • We are redefining what it means to be a women in leadership, running her own business - not the patriarch, corporate model of hustling leadership. 

I don't believe in get rich quick programmes. I believe in strategic work. I also believe in giving high value and serving and supporting others to be the absolute best they can be. I believe in work that produces income so that we can add to the world - inspire, lead and influence the world for good.  My courses and programmes are designed to help you lead your world and share you message with a wider audience, all whilst  growing your business.

As stipulated by law, I do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with my programmes, courses, teaching, coaching or methodologies.

As you know, it takes focus and consistent diligence to succeed, so I expect your fullest effort when participating - so that you can make the most of the coaching and training opportunities I am giving you. Your results are up to you.

Nothing on this information page or any of my websites or courses is a promise or guarantee of results or future earnings, and I do not offer financial, legal, medical, or other professional advice.

Just sayin... I want you to succeed at your goals, but be safe. Over to you now. 


Get On The Waitlist

Doors to the LeadYourWorld Academy are now closed and class is in session. Opening again for Q2 intake on 24 March 2020.