Don't just build the business you were born for... become the inside-out leader your world is craving for.

Next Intake: November 2020


● Lead your mind

● Lead your message

● Lead your market

Did you know that 90% of businesses fail in the first 5 years, 50% never get over $25k a year, and only 2% of female entrepreneurs reach $1M?


This is not because of the economy, location, cash flow or the competition (or a change in the Facebook algorithm). Failure happens because the business owner does not have the right support and direction to deal with the INTERNAL challenges of building a business. 

is unlike any course or program out there. It's a hybrid of group coaching, education, implementation, mentoring & accountability program all rolled into one.

You'll get: 

  • Strategy - Clear action strategies that are tailored to you and your business (not someone selling you their system or funnel!). 
  • Support - Ongoing nurturing support that carries on after every other course or conference ends!
  • Implementation & answers - No more jumping from course to course and not knowing exactly what to do next to grow.
  • Live coaching and support (and an encouraging community of other entrepreneurs) to spur you on to massive action, even on those days you are feeling overwhelmed. 
  • Training & Education that will help you reset:
    • Your marketing (so it doesn't feel icky),
    • Business Strategy (that inspires you and doesn't involve a boring 50 page business plan),
    • Your mindset (the internal stuff that has the biggest hidden influence on your success), and
    • Your message (so you have clarity and can stand out as the leader you know deep down you are). 

Ideal for emerging entrepreneurs - solopreneurs and small business owners who are growing or scaling their business.

Investment is £1497


● Get From Self-Employed To Self-Leading

● Build Income Momentum

(and leap from side-preneur to pro-preneur)

● Take Focused Action & Accelerate Your Confidence

From Overwhelmed To Focused

Merilyn really cares about changing the lives of her clients. Working with Merilyn has been life changing for me - I've transformed from drowning in to-do's to launching my online services and courses. 

Caroline Joynson | cheerleaderpr.co.uk


From 'Non-businessy' To Working Artist

The day my path crossed with Merilyn is the day that changed the way I view everything. I was flitting from one shiny object to the next and getting nowhere. She's got this right-brained artist planning, organised and working on my business, as a business owner. My whole life has changed immeasurably. 

Deborah Jackson | deborahjacksononart.com


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