Tall Poppy Society

The Membership

Where women grow wild.

Stay for as long as you want. Come and go as you want.

Think of it as a gym to keep you and your Great Life Work fit.

  • Grow your life and business your way.
  • With your personality. With a balance of masculine and feminine energy. A fusion of science, strategy & spirituality.

Through the year Merilyn teaches her LeadYourWorld expanding body of work - on wow-led life, relationships & business.

Join in as many 'clubs' as you want. Select one, some, or all of the following clubs to attend live (or watch the replays in your own time). Note - many calls are repeated at two different times to accomodate timezones. 

Current clubs include:

  • Telegram Club (NEW) - quick pick-me-up inspirational rifs from Merilyn. Also used for reminders for live calls. 
  • LeadYourWeek Club - a facilitated 30 minute weekly planning call. 
  • Business Club - live teaching programs throughout the year such as: Lead Your Year, Strategic Wow, Sales & Launching Wow, Brand Wow, Social Media Wow. 
  • Life Club - live teaching programs throughout the year such as What's Your Wow, Lead Your Voice, Lead Your Time, Wow To Wealth, Lead Your Mind, Lead Your Power and WowArchetypes.
  • Activation Club - a facilitated process for energetically clearing blocks, visioning, getting clarity and accessing your wow-self. 
  • Planathon Club - a facilitated visioning and planning live call held at the beginning of every new season.
  • Coaching Club - get your questions answered, with occasional hot-seat opportunities.

You also get: 

  • Tall Poppy Hub - access to replays of past coaching and teaching calls.
  • Hub of pre-recorded teaching programs including WowArchetype Bootcamp, Tall Poppy Private Podcast (used before Telegram). 
  • Private Facebook Group Community
  • Year of Wow - yearbook
  • Daily Wow - journal
  • "Show Off" opportunities - where Merilyn will promote you in places such as email newsletters, talk-show and lives. 
  • Accountability Pods - opportunities to connect with others and support each other. 
  • Service / Giving - opportunities for trading products and services with other members.

$44.00 USD

Every month

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