Hi, I'm Merilyn...

I've made it my mission to help you LEAD YOUR WORLD in every way.

  • Lead your self - productivity, mindsets & having clarity at every step.
  • Lead your brand - you don't just want to run a business, do you?
  • Lead your tribe - any human in your world, from family to follower.

... all from the inside out.

With less overwhelm, more flow and WAY more impact. 

Because after-all... your world needs you to stand up and lead. 

"I set as the goal the maximum capacity that people have - I settle for no less. I make myself a relentless architect of the possibilities of human beings. (Benjamin Zander, conductor of the Boston Philharmonic)"

I've been helping business owners & creatives become brand leaders for over 25 years.

But here's the thing, time and time again, what causes 95% of entrepreneurs to freeze (or give up) is not the how-to's of marketing, social media or branding, or even how to shoot Facebook live videos... it's the internal stuff - mindsets, beliefs, productivity patterns, habits, lack of clarity, upper limit blocks and internal sabotages that stop them building the business and life that matches their dreams.

All these things drain energy and make us wildly unproductive. We then chase after the next shiny object that comes along only to find that isn't the answer either. 

But hey... listen up. The answer is easier than you think. The corporate world calls it personal effectiveness - but that's only a bunch of techniques and most of it is BS (I know, I've been there). I believe its about self leadership that comes from a radical new level of self awareness. And that doesn't involve years of therapy.

You CAN build a calling-led, money-making business, wrapped around your own brand of 'wow'.  You CAN be an influential brand leader (not just a follower) and stop being an overwhelmed business owner.  

You can be the 5%.

And for goodness sake... the world needs you to do this too!

Consider me your business's big sister!


  • Over 25 years helping start-up businesses and organisations through exciting growth phases.
  • Coached thousands in leadership development, life-direction and personal effectiveness.
  • Pioneered a leadership school in London for one of UK's fastest growing organisations.
  • Helped craft branding and people development strategies for multiple award-winning businesses. 
  • Worked internationally in seven countries. 
  • Created WHAT’S YOUR WOW. A step-by-step programme to help people get crystal clear clarity on their life’s calling.
  • Created the LEAD YOUR WORLD programme. A ‘finishing school’ for business owners who want to be brand leaders. 
  • An eclectic background of: architecture, photography, lecturing, strategy, design, writing, branding and teaching. 


  • A mum of a creative teenager and an affectionate golden retriever (what golden isn't)!
  • A lover of all things Italian... Vespers, espresso, vino rosso and especially pistachio gelati! 
  • Equally at home in Sydney and London. 
  • A born curator. In a past life I was probably Google! I don’t have all the answers, but I can facilitate you to get there. 

My top 10 favourite life-direction resources

It's not too late. To help get you started, download my favourite top 10 self-awareness and 'find your calling' resources.. and finally figure out what you want to do with your life.