Isn't it time to finally get clear on 'what's next'?

Time to get clear about what you are wired to do? Time to get focused?

Time to build something wrapped around your passion, knowledge or expertise, without the stress or self doubt?

Well guess what? You are one step closer to clarity already. Just by reading this you are showing me you are a go-getter who is determined to not waste any more time searching. 

Watch this quick video and see if what I say resonates with you...


My personal wake up moment

All my life people have called me successful. Yeah, I’ve done some exciting things - careers in both corporate and creative fields in Australia and Europe. Plus motherhood, of course. I enjoyed all of it.

But then I went through a series of traumas, which I now affectionately call my 'D decade’ (lots of drama). My health suffered. And I crawled into a hole to heal and start again. Surviving and paying the bills was all that mattered for a few years.

But instead of getting bitter, I woke up! And I started to rethink everything. EVERYTHING. It left me questioning: what am I really called to do and what do I want to do with the rest of my life? 

The 20 year (re)search

I desperately looked for a course or a mentor to help me uncover the holy grail of a 'calling'. I found some amazing resources but nothing fitted me perfectly. They were always either too lightweight and not specific enough for someone with entrepreneurial blood, or more like corporate career counselling.

So I poured my decades of experience within creative, teaching/lecturing and leadership roles into building WHAT’S YOUR WOW. It’s the course I'd been looking for, but never found! And it helped me not only find my 'wow' (my calling, passion, element, life's-work and what I was born for), but it can help you find yours too.

Since then I figured out how to leave my consulting career behind and build a successful business around my wow.  

Are you sick of looking too?

Are you trying to find your 'wow' by yourself? Imagine if it didn't have to take years like it did for me. If you want to short cut the process, then think seriously about joining my WHAT’S YOUR WOW programme. Isn't it time to end the frustration and get some clarity? 


What's Your Wow?

Your self-awareness, life & work clarity cure

A 4 week, step-by-step process to explore who you are, what lights you up and figure out what to do next with your life.

Perfect for anyone still asking 'what shall I do when I grow up?' even when you've long stopped believing in the Santa Claus! Think of it as a self-awareness, confidence boosting, clarity generating bootcamp.

This works, even if you... think it's too late to change, find it hard to focus on one thing, have lost touch with your passions, or feel like a jack-of-all-trades. Even if your self-awareness is in the freezer with the Ben & Jerry’s!

Come on... let's move from dreaming to finally starting that business. 

Let's shortcut the process in figuring out exactly what you're here to do. And most importantly, HOW to get started in that direction NOW. 

A taste of what you'll learn:

  • Discover how to become unstuck and break from groundhog day
  • How to focus when you have a million ideas buzzing in your head and you fear you’ll miss out by picking just one
  • Work out what makes your heart sing - what is it that you really like?
  • How to earn a living doing something you enjoy, rather than something you just happen to be good at
  • How to stop being paralysed by anxiety at the thought of wasting your life
  • Explore how to take that next move and chance it own your own - even if it makes everyone around you nervous
  • Figure out what YOU want out of life, when you’ve spent your whole life doing things to please others
  • How to get started on that business idea you have, even though you feel you have no time and money
  • Discover how you can afford to hit the reset button
  • Uncover your passion, even if you’ve had a few knocks and and are left wondering who you are
  • Find out what you want to be and do, even when you have no idea how to get there
  • Discover what will allow you to make a decent living, but also fulfil your soul
  • How to peel away the should and veneers of others expectations and find your real self
  • Give yourself the time and space to understand yourself and explore what you want

Here's how you'll find your wow:

Now remember, these are the shortcuts I learned over decades of walking this path myself. You could spend the next 20 years working this out yourself (like I did), or you could hurry the process and follow this done for you strategy. You don’t have to figure this out yourself anymore.

Let’s go over what’s inside the actual (incredibly inspiring, empowering and practical) programme:

Step 1 - Who are you?

  • Discover how to increase your self-awareness
  • Get a real stocktake on your strengths and superpowers
  • Find out how your story shapes the work you were born to do
  • Discover the secrets your personality is revealing about your calling

Step 2 - What do you love?

  • Get clarity over your passions, even when you have too many or none!
  • Identify what gives you energy (and drains it)
  • Find out how to listen to your intuition and 'gut feeling' (and how to trust it)
  • Learn how to listen to your feelings without drama
  • Identify your values, dig for your 'why' and what really matters

Step 3 - Get clear on 'what next'

  • Find out what you need to be a well 'being' - a holistic view of your calling
  • Design your ideal day, week and life
  • Get clear on your future - from the next 3 months... to 20 years!
  • Finally put your calling and purpose down in writing - it will be THAT clear

Step 4 - Design your new life

  • Plan your next 3 month assignment with ease
  • Take the stress out of planning (a crash course in time management)
  • Create the right routines and habits to get you moving
  • Design your own personal LIFEMAP

PLUS, three essential bonus modules


Decision making for multi-passionates

A foolproof method for deciding what to do when you have too many ideas, options or passions.  It will help structure your thoughts, sort through what really matters and help you decide what to do next, no matter how thick the brain fog. 


A first-aid kit for your mind

The biggest obstacle to most people moving forward is not what they do, but how they think! This mini course helps you overcome the obstacles, triggers and ‘mental trash’ that holds you back from finding (and following) your calling. 


Daily rituals to get you moving faster

The exact daily practices I used to help transform my life from 'not having a clue' (and the anxiety around this) to clarity. A great place to start AND the perfect framework for going to the next level of meaning in your life. 


From no idea to booked-out business in 3 months

Loretta worked in the TV industry but the 12 hour working days kept her away from her family. She used What's Your Wow to dig deep into what makes her tick and discovered she desired to build her own heart-centred online business. 

So, let's get to work finding your wow!


WHAT'S YOUR WOW is step-by-step method to absolutely increase your self-awareness, reignite those desires you may have buried and figure out what to do next. Plus it includes (week 4) a crash course in productivity to get you moving! It's not going to make you a millionaire, BUT it will give you the momentum and courage to START moving towards a life that you want to wake up to.

Get started TODAY.

WHAT'S YOUR WOW includes: 

  1. A course that has been over 30 years in the making - tested and ‘lived’.
  2. Four self-paced course modules with a step-by-step strategy. Inspiring. Motivating. Revealing. Encouraging. Incredibly down-to-earth. 
  3. All modules are available to go through at your own pace. All online. 
  4. Lifetime access (for the life of the course). If you can’t get to the course for a week or two, it will be there waiting for you.
  5. Beautifully designed, full workbook, with motivating exercises that really dig deep. I've been a training & personal development professional for 20+ years so you are guaranteed a high quality investment. 
  6. Your own LIFEMAP - the single tool that has helped me move forward more than anything else I’ve ever done. You’ll get your own template based on my own, and can use it everyday like I do.
  7. Three great bonuses that target various situations and challenges - from too many passions, to craving more meaning, to overcoming all those obstacles in your head and environment. 
One payment - $297

How does it work?


Four online self-paced modules that will take you 4 weeks to complete. Or take it at your own pace - fast or slow. 


Includes teaching videos and self awareness exercises to do in your own time. Plus a full workbook, unique Wow-Planner and LifeMap.


Yes! You'll have access to the course for as long as it exists. Take it week by week, or take it slow at your own pace in your own time.


We LOVE questions. If you can't find answers to your questions on this page, then email [email protected] directly. 

"There are significant people who come into your life and affect it forever - Merilyn is one of those. I had big dreams but no clue what direction to take and quite overwhelmed by the huge mountain ahead of me. Merilyn’s training course transformed my path. Literally. Finally I had focus and a clear strategy to turn my ideas into reality. I’m now an author, professional speaker and run my own business in Australia and UK. And best of all, I now inspire others the way Merilyn inspired me. "


"I went through Merilyn's program when I was ready to go back to work after my boys started school. She helped me find my desires and my voice, which I'd kinda lost along the way. I didn't want just a job, I wanted to do something that took all of me into consideration. I'm now loving what I do and it’s work I was born for!"


"When I did Merilyn's course I was full of ideas AND full of stress. I could not decide what to do. Merilyn helped me clear the fog, choose and now I've created the business of my dreams in a few short months. I have always known I was meant for big things, but never wanted to accept it. Too much into the perfectionism. I let it go working with Merilyn. "


"I went in hoping to be hit by a lightening bolt of clarity. But for me the process was more like clearing the fog from a rainy window to see sunshine peeking out from behind a cloud, illuminating a path that I'm excited to step outside and follow. "


"Many people haven't a clue how to figure out what to do with their lives, let alone define their calling.

What's Your Wow is a fun process of self discovery and visioning - what I call your unique 'wow' - which gives people crystal clear direction on what to do next in their life, a clearly defined calling and a practical plan to start moving towards it."



  • Anyone who feels stuck and doesn’t know where to start getting self awareness and clarity over their life. 
  • Anyone who has a few passions and ideas but doesn’t know how to focus.
  • Anyone who is looking for more meaning, or who has done the job and career thing and wants instead to find their calling.
  • Anyone who wants clarity over what kind of business to start. 
  • Anyone who wants to find and live their calling but can’t see how it will work.
  • Anyone tired of working this out by themselves.



  • Anyone who doesn’t believe that they have a calling.
  • Anyone who feels work is to be tolerated until the weekend, your next holiday, or retirement.
  • Anyone who isn’t open to growing, changing and learning.
  • Anyone who isn’t willing to put some work in now to have a different future. 


But if you are like me, you’ll be thinking "I really want clarity, I really want to do this programme, BUT I’m nervous about spending the money and how do I know it will work for me when nothing has so far?". And what if your Aussie accent just annoys me? Ha!

Because I think like that, I want to help. I get your nervousness. Totally. So I’m promising a 7 day 100% back guarantee. But here’s the thing - I want you to get results. So if you watch the videos, do the exercises and show me proof that you’ve done your best in the 7 days, and you still want your money back, then you’ll get a full refund. No harm. No hard feelings. So you either get a return on your investment or you get your money back in the 7 day period.