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... and inspire your audience to find their wow, think remarkable and lead their worlds. 

Merilyn can captivate an audience of one or thousands...

She has over 25 years experience delivering group training and speaking at motivational seminars and retreats, including 7 years of teaching in a leadership college she pioneered in London.

Merilyn is completely at home in designing a custom experience - including multiple day workshops and half to full day seminars.

She specialises in teaching on personal effectiveness, mindset, self-leadership, personality, motivation and organisational culture. 

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Example keynote sessions: 

  • 7 mistakes that mediocre business owners make

  • How to be remarkable, and truly marketable!
  • Influencer is not a job title! Instagram - you've got it wrong!
  • From trauma to triumph - how a 50 plus woman finally started her own online business

  • How to ride the entrepreneur roller coaster and not fall off 

  • How to survive (and thrive) the big leap from corporate success to entrepreneur rookie
  • Abandonment, betrayal & suicide - how I survived the worst day of my life!

  • Leadership can’t be automated - old school for the digital age

  • 5 secrets to discovering your calling

  • How to be visible, even if you are an introvert

  • What you see is what you get… the power of vision


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