The Productivity Cure

FREE Virtual Weekend Retreat

For Women Who Desire To Grow Their Business To 6 Figures Without A Diet Of Cortisol!

21-23 August 2020

The Great Reset of 2020 is here - and it's impacting more than just the economy.  We no longer want to 'get stuff done' from a place of overwork, overwhelm or 'just do it' mantras. 
Join me and other women on this 2-day experience to increase our personal capacity and lead our businesses on our terms. 

● Lead your time... differently

(not according to the Industrial Age, patriarchy hustling and false beliefs around time)

● Activate your parasympathetic-friendly, inner leader

(thriving-centric, not survival-driven)

● Customise your productivity by WowArchetype

(energy and time leadership that is right for your unique personality)

I'm very much at home during disruptive, changing times. I've helped lead brands through recessions and out the other side... stronger!  2020, however, is on a whole new scale of discomfort. 

The new normal is taking shape and there's one thing many women in business don't want to go back to... hustling and overworking. 

We need a productivity CURE. 

I'm excited to be teaching The Productivity Cure as a free virtual retreat. Together, let's herald a new leadership age for women. 

My story: I've always been highly productive (yes, some personalities are bent that way), but when I made the leap from corporate director to online business, I felt the stress of the entrepreneurial rollercoaster. So, I took my decades of experience and designed a new way. And it worked even whilst juggling solo-parenting and adrenal fatigue. That's how The Productivity Cure was born.

Merilyn Wilson Beretta - Educator. Activator. Aussie.

Lead your time... from the inside out.