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Merilyn Wilson Beretta is the global leadership mentor for inspirational women. Helping you identify your zone of wow, stand out bravely in a noisy online space and grow your business your way. 

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Some Wildly Inspiring Stats...

Women are becoming self-employed three times more than men.

3.6% who dream of starting their own business actually do... and of those that do start 10% are still succeeding by their 5th year.


12% of businesses owned by women make more 100k. 2% of women make more than a million. 

34% of women don't second guess their decision to start a business.

You might argue there's a huge gender confidence gap. You might be thinking - 'what she on... these stats are dreadful'.

I say... wow, just look at the potential. 

Hi, I'm Merilyn.

I've been and done many things in life - architect, learning & development exec, mum, strategic director, branding director, photographer, entrepreneur, divorcee and trauma survivor. I've lived in Europe and Australia and helped others all over the globe build award winning brands...

... but... over and over again, in decades of working with high-potential people, the common success factor wasn't a great idea, a new logo, the best marketing tactics, or even whether they could transition online.

The difference was the inside-out stuff. 

These days we tend to call this 'mindset'.

But it's way more than that.

When women rise up in confidence and transform their businesses into brands, the results are phenomenal. When women are switched on to the inspiration and impact they can have on the planet and when women cheer each other on... the world will benefit.

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Liz Warom

"Merilyn is just one of those super-talented visionaries... she can help others see a bigger horizon for themselves, often when they’re stuck in the inevitable minutia and can barely see beyond the action list! She’s been a big influence on Temple Spa and we love her to bits."

MD & Founder of multiple award-winning Temple Spa


Rosalie Audoin

"As an entrepreneur I was full of self doubt and needed to change some beliefs and habits that were holding me back and affecting my results. Merilyn helped me set goals the right way and helped me focus on what mattered most. Working with Merilyn is an amazing, encouraging and rewarding experience. Wow!"

Founder |

Kirsty Harkness

"I run 4 successful businesses and still to this day use the wisdom I gleaned from Merilyn's leadership classes! Merilyn is an extraordinarily inspiring person who understands the complexities to leading well, valuing others and getting the most out of your team."

MD of Mount Base Vineyards & CD of TigerTiger Photography



"Your story resonates with me – it’s so inspiring and women can relate to it."

Award Winning Entrepreneur -

Dr Valerie Rein

"Merilyn, you are a leader of leaders".

Author of best selling Patriarchy Stress Disorder -

Anton Grutzmacher

"There are people walking around better equipped for life because of Merilyn."

Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer at Omnisient

David Siteman Garland

"You want a coach that’s knowledgeable, personable and one who cheerleaders for you and tells you when you mess up. And someone who brings the fun factor - someone you enjoy interacting with. Merilyn is all that!"

Creator of Create Awesome Online Courses & Rise To The Top

Dr Simone Laubscher

"Not only was Merilyn instrumental in helping us with our brand strategy at our Harley Street practice but she is a phenomenal leadership teacher and speaker. I have personally witnessed huge transformations in all who have sat under Merilyn's inspirational teaching."


Philippa Smit

"I had big dreams but no clue what direction to take and quite overwhelmed by the huge mountain ahead of me. Merilyn transformed my path. 10 years later, I’m an author, professional speaker and run my own business in Australia and UK. And best of all, I now inspire others the way Merilyn inspired me."

Professional Speaker, Learning Consultant & Author

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