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I train & mentor amazing people all over the world to not only build their own businesses, but step into brand (and life) leadership. 

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Deep down you want to be more than just self employed...

You want to feel like you are Ieading and influencing, not just following what everyone else does.

Yet despite how experienced, brilliant, capable or hardworking you are, you end up being our own worst enemy.

And you know you are playing too small.

But when you lie in bed at night, that voice in your head makes you doubt whether you have what it takes.

Or you hear, 'who do you think you are?'

Your world needs you to not just 'get by', but to take the lead...

Over the last few years I've noticed something missing - especially in the noisy online training space - we aren't equipped to navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurial life.

There's ample information out there on everything from how to create a course to online marketing but support and strategic direction that ties everything together and gives you clarity about how to build an influential life and business, is rare. 

We flounder, not knowing what to do next, our confidence suffers, we work longer and longer days and our energy, mindsets & emotions suffer and conditions like adrenal fatigue take their toll.

It doesn't have to be that way. Even if you aren't 'business-y' you can build a great business and be leading your world (inside and out). 

So, Let's Get Started

Let's get you on the path from dreamer to leader. Lead self, lead others, lead your brand.

Step 1: Find Your 'Wow'

Self leadership starts with self awareness. Take my FREE personality quiz and discover how your unique WowArchetype gives you clarity around the business and life you were born for. 


Step 2: Cure Your Productivity

Eliminate distractions, beat overwhelm and lead your business without the 'noise'. This self leadership course fuses mindsets, time-management, strategy, planning and holistic productivity. 


Step 3: Lead Your World

The flagship Leadership Development Program for entrepreneurs to help you lead yourself, lead others and lead your business. A powerful year long education, mastermind & coaching program.


Did you know that only 3.6% of those who dream of owning their own business actually start... and of those that do start, 90% fail in the first few years?

Plus over 85% of business owners say they feel overwhelmed or distracted most of the time. 

So if you want to be great, then you have to get beyond just surviving, or bouncing from one course to another!

Failure isn't because of the cost of Facebook ads, or not enough followers on Instagram... it's what's going on INSIDE you. You might be great at what you do, but if you don't have the business experience or right strategies, you'll never be great, let alone a leader. 


The online training space has become a multi-billion dollar industry and yet we crave more support and direction than ever. Consuming knowledge isn't enough. We need help implementing.


Caroline's story...


"As an entrepreneur I was full of self doubt and needed to change some beliefs and habits that were holding me back and affecting my results. Merilyn helped me set goals the right way and helped me focus on what mattered most. Working with Merilyn is an amazing, encouraging and rewarding experience. Wow!"

Rosalie Audoin | Founder
Dielle UK

"Merilyn lives leadership with contagious energy and passion and selflessly champions others to be the absolute best they can be. I love hearing stories of those she has taught, coached and mentored. Great things ahead for anyone who aligns with what Merilyn does. You’ll stand on the shoulders of giants!"

Neil Michael | Melbourne, Australia
Exercise Physiologist, Health & Rehabilitation Coach

"I have personally witnessed huge transformations in all students (including me) who have sat under Merilyn's inspirational teaching and highly recommend her to anyone wanting to go to the next level."

Dr Simone Laubscher
Founder |

"There are significant people who come into your life and affect it forever - Merilyn is one of those. I had big dreams but no clue what direction to take and quite overwhelmed by the huge mountain ahead of me. Merilyn’s training course and coaching transformed my path. Literally. Finally I had focus and a clear strategy to turn my ideas into reality. 10 years later, I’m an author, professional speaker and run my own business in Australia and UK. And best of all, I now inspire others the way Merilyn inspired me. Join in whatever she does. You won’t regret it."

Philippa Ravn
Job TitleUneon, Professional Speaker, Learning Consultant & Author |

"There are people walking around better equipped for life because of Merilyn."

Anton Grutzmacher | South Africa
Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer at Omnisient

"I run 3 successful businesses and still to this day use the wisdom I gleaned from Merilyn's leadership classes! Merilyn is an extraordinarily inspiring person who understands the complexities to leading well, valuing others and getting the most out of your team. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to grow and develop in life and in leadership."

Kirsty Harkness | New Zealand
Job TitleAward winning MD of Mount Base Vineyards & Creative Director of TigerTiger Photography

"Whether she is standing in front of one individual or a sea of people, Merilyn somehow verbally touches each person. I still use some of her teachings in my day to day business, over 20 years later. Her tools and exercises are amazing. Mostly, she communicate to me through who she is, her actions - a strong, successful woman who is able to have it all: success and be an amazing mother."

Corrine Taylor | Melbourne, Australia
Managing director

"Merilyn has the rare ability to mentor people and take them sky high, and the most amazing intuition to assess people’s strengths and weaknesses and find them a magnificent fit. She just knows what works! She turns the grey into understanding and practical steps AND she is one of the most creative people I have ever met - a complete stand out."

Julie Galanti | London
Writer & Speaker

Deborah's story...


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