"This will change your life... a way of being." 
"There are people better equipped for life because of Merilyn."

Tall Poppy Society


Global Village of Business Founders who know they were born for something bigger than themselves. 

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Live Masterclass series
"STRATEGIC WOW: Flourish On Purpose"

How to get clear on your business direction and difference.

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Tall Poppy Society

Global Village of Business Founders 
Entrepreneur Leadership Development Training

And a beautiful incubator of your wow.

A wildly affordable, monthly membership, with no complicated exit plan.



The three purposes of Tall Poppy Society:

  1. Global connections with others. 
  2. Innovative, and mostly live, training (practical) and teaching (inspirational) on personal leadership, ethical marketing, branding and more. 
  3. Coaching & Co-Working - weekly live 'cafes' for planning, coaching, implementation,  setting up business & life rhythms and of course... lots of opportunities for coaching and questions. 

Which sums up into one phrase: Unleash the WOW in in YOU, so you can unleash the WOW in your world.


9 reasons why this membership is different? 


I'm putting all of my 30+ years of experience, expertise, tools, templates, courses, workbooks, resources into the Tall Poppy Society.  No upsell. Why? I want simplicity... and I don't want a hierarchy of offers (so nobody can say, 'mmm, I'm in Merilyn's mastermind... as if that's a higher or more advanced thing).  


I do most things live. Whilst there are pre-recorded resources, I want the live touch to bring more energy. 


Actually, helping you to BLOOM 365 might sound wonderful, it's not life! Whilst there are a few rare flowers that do bloom in all seasons, I don't buy into the belief that we should be in 'Spring' season all the time. I'd prefer to model and teach you how to thrive in ALL SEASONS of your life and business


You are not locked in for 12 months if you don't want to. And you can self-cancel at anytime without fuss or proof of 'homework' and no strings attached. And no, I'm not worried about people joining, downloading stuff and leaving straight away - hey, they might have hit unexpected hard times (and honestly... success in life is about energetics, not downloads).

But the longer a tall poppy stays, the taller they get!


A not-so-secret agenda to 'unschool' from unethical marketing strategies we feel uncomfortable about. Especially the online ones!


The membership fee is accessible. But the value is higher than some $20k masterminds.


Not all strategies and tactics in business suit all personality types. I strongly acknowledge that - so WowArchetypes are threaded through much of Tall Poppy Society. Business and life by personality.


Stay for one year and you'll experience a journey through my Lead Your World Entrepreneurial Leadership masterclasses. This is innovative leadership development for entrepreneurs. 


My style is a fusion of teaching AND training. 

Teaching - inspirational to help you shift your thinking and energy. Way more than 'mindset'.
Training - practical how-to's, workbooks, templates and application exercises. 


A global village & incubator of wow

What do you get?

Global Village Community

Connect across the globe or around the corner, we let you take control here. Promotions within the community, trading help with other members and more, networking, find a mentor, swap skills, join a free mastermind pod, find an accountability partner. You name it, it's probably here. 

Daily Inspiration: Private Podcast with Merilyn

Motivation on your smart phone. Quick episodes that go behind the scenes, quick action boosters, mindfulness rituals etc. Use as a morning ritual, before a big event, or when you feel like curling up and hibernating! Merilyn shares raw and inspiring rants. 

Weekly Coaching Club: with Merilyn

Start the week off with clarity, motivation and being super planned. The agenda varies from week to week, but encourages you to develop your own rhythm in business. 30 minutes of guided planning, and 30 minutes of coaching/Q&A, or a Co-Working Spot. Calls are timezone friendly for Australia, Europe & USA. 

Education: Live Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy

By joining Tall Poppy Society you get to participate in all the academy masterclasses. This includes live teaching, training, workbooks, templates, exercises, and Q&A. New live masterclasses every 1-2 months. 

Seasonal: Planathon

At the start of every new season we focus on intentional business and life planning your next 3 months. A facilitated process that is live and wildly motivating and clarifying. 

Yearly: Visioning Retreat

Everyone who is a member in December of every year will get a free ticket to the Lead Your Year Retreat. 

FREE GIFT: Merilyn's Planner
A unique printable planner with all the templates to create rhythms to flow with your lifestyle and business. 

FREE GIFT: WowArchetype Bootcamp
A self-paced course to understanding yourself, relationships and business-by-personality training. Value $250.

Plus you also get: 

  • Show Off Corner - Opportunities to be promoted and market yourself in the community and in Merilyn's Email Newsletters and Podcast. 
  • Service / Giving. Opportunities for trading help and skills with other Members. 
  • Masterminds, pods and accountability partners.
  • Places to share what you are up to, ask for help and even get new clients.
  • Opportunities to win prizes, free coaching and challenges.
  • A growing Resource Library of classes, replays, templates, tools, audios, videos and Merilyn's famous workbooks.

Plus other exciting stuff will be introduced as we grow -  like a Book Club, Supper Club, Writers, Authors & Artists Clubs, Online Retreats, Offline Retreats and in-person Meetups in Sydney, London and USA. 


Tall poppies are way more magnificent growing besides other tall poppies!

The three fields of the Tall Poppy Society


Because Tall Poppies can help and resource each other in millions of ways. 

Because getting help should be accessible. 

Because Tall Poppies are life learners. 

Lead Your World Ecosystem


Over 12 months, I teach and train entrepreneurial leadership.
These Masterclass series  are scheduled every 4-6 weeks. 

Subjects such as: BrandWow, TimeWow, MindWow, LeadWow, StrategicWow, AudaciousWow (confidence & power), LeadYourYear and What's Your Wow.  

There are three layers of this teaching, just like the layers of the Earth (or as Shrek says... an onion)!

1. BE WOW (core)

How to BE who you need to be to have greater influence, impact, wealth and a nervous system that supports your Great Life Work.

The energetics of self-leadership, confidence and personal power, vision, mindset, emotions, self leadership, relationship with time, daily/weekly/seasonal rhythms, relationship with wealth and much more.


2. CREATE WOW (mantle)

How to CREATE wow in your brand so you have clarity, difference and direction. 

3. GIVE WOW (crust)

How to have even greater people skills - because these are the foundation for brilliant, authentic success in life. I teach the energetics AND strategies of ethical marketing, branding & leadership.

When you focus on the inside first, the insides influence what appears on the 'outside' - much like the core and mantle impact the shape of the Earth's crust. So here we focus on how a heart-centred and profitable business, cause or even career will 'form'. 


NOTE - each Masterclass series will also be available on it's own, without the membership. 


If it takes a village to raise a child… it takes a global-village to raise Tall Poppies.


Membership Fees

TALL POPPY SOCIETY - Monthly Subscription



  • First payment of $55 today, followed by $55 every month.
  • Cancel anytime before month renews. 
  • Weekly Cafes.
  • Tall Poppy Hub.
  • Private Podcast.
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership Masterclasses.

TALL POPPY SOCIETY - Yearly Subscription Save 16%



  • Payment of $550 today, renewed automatically every year. 
  • Cancel anytime before year renews. 
  • Weekly Cafes.
  • Tall Poppy Hub.
  • Private Podcast.
  • Take part in a full year of Entrepreneurial Leadership Masterclasses.


“The day my path crossed with Merilyn is the day that changed the way I view everything” (Deb, Artist from UK)


“This will change your life" (Dr Khush, Nutritionist & Lecturer from UK).


"Merilyn's work is more than processes and techniques, it's a way of being. I will be forever in her debt not only for changing my life but the lives I impact."  (Monica, Branding Specialist, from USA)


"There’s a real sense of friendship and support. A real circle. We need that in the roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship. We just don’t feel alone."  (Deborah, course creator from UK).


"If you had told me, I would have gone this far in a year, I would not have believed it."  (Jacq, spiritual coach from  France)




More fabulous reasons to join...

You want to BE the the leader of your business - not just a busy-bee.

You desire a ‘home’, where the rent is negligible.
Where you can tap into inspiration 24/7.
Have your spirits raised.

And your Wow accelerated. 


You can tap into the decades of real life business experience. 

The world has moved inside.
Working from home is the new normal.
And whilst we have more methods to connect than at any time in history, we are the most disconnected we’ve ever been.

And so, best of all…

Tall Poppies know the universal, global power of gathering.
Tall Poppies cheering on Tall Poppies.
Because a poppy growing on its own is not quite so magnificent as a garden of them!

So, Why Learn From Me?


I remember when I was learning to ski in Europe - as an adult. It was my first year of marriage and my husband, who was raised in a Swiss family, started skiing at the age of 2. He was an elegant skier. A joy to watch. 

But a hopeless trainer and coach.

There are many business coaches like this. They have million dollar claims, or influencer status on social media, yet not always have the skills to coach or teach others. Which is okay, but their success formula really works for people just like them.

Professional coaches, educators and trainers, however, are able to teach multiple methodologies and help their students find the way that bests suits them and their situation.

Something to consider when choosing what kind of support, coaching or education you choose. 

Here's some facts to help you decide: 

  • I’m a certified trainer, facilitator and coach, not just a successful business owner.
  • I've had 3 decades of business, coaching (before it was even called coaching), and training experience
  • I’ve got successful, real-life experience as a strategist, brand-architect, operations creator and have advised business leaders all over the world in 100's of industries. 
  • The bulk of my experience happened before the cowboy days of online marketing and social media influencers. When results were not measured by follower counts or algorithms. 
  • I’m down-to-earth, real and very grounded and practical. 
  • I’m also very soul-centred and love helping others access their inner wisdom rather than blindly follow what the celebrity coach says.
  • I’m not going to sell you into a higher priced mastermind. Tall Poppy Society is the culmination of my life's work and everything now goes into that. 
  • I’m into ethical, integrity marketing.
  • I’m a mum, who single-handedly raised a child with chronic health needs, have experienced the burnout, the adrenal fatigue and stress. And self healed. 
  • Others call me a polymath - architect, photographer, executive consultant, training expert, branding expert, online marketing expert, creative, writer, designer…
  • I snort when I laugh and and I love to knit!

Got more questions?

DM me on Instagram @merilyn