Your Difference Is Wow


I'm Merilyn.

Inspirationalist. Activator. WowCatalyst.

My difference is WOW. And YOUR difference is WOW. I'm here to help you nail it. 

I’m human. I make mistakes. I’m also Australian (we tell it like it is, with no fluff). 

I love being a little ‘cheesy’ with my talk of wow and leading your world.

I’m an idealist, yes, but one thing for sure is this…  

I Spark Wow.

I inspire AND activate the authentic Wow factor in people and their brands. 
And ‘brand’ is used on purpose here because it’s way more alluring and exciting than a ‘business’.  

I inspire humans to live significant lives.

No matter how colourful their trauma is.

I went from being abandoned, in a new city, the exact hour that I got a phone call about my mother's suicide attempt... to solo parent, raising a child with a chronic health condition... all whilst keeping my consulting business humming and starting an international online coaching business.

I will passionately help you find your unique personal rhythm… that isn’t about trusting any one process. I will passionately help you be energised and empowered.  I will passionately help you create and manage wealth… because business without wealth is a hobby, and wealth in the hands of women changes the world.  

Plus do it all wrapped in aesthetic beauty.  

I take people from victim to freedom… from ‘this is the method to follow’ to ‘Wow, this way of life works for me'. 

The Serious Bio Bit

Merilyn is in a category of her own. When you work with her you are getting 30+ years of broad and deep, international experience. 

Merilyn has:

✭ Professionally held roles as Brand Architect, Strategic Director, International Learning & Development Executive, change management consultant, facilitator... and even part-time preacher! Coach, photographer, mentor, speaker and CEO advisor. 

✭ Worked with award-winning premium brands, to boutique consultancies, to not-for-profit empires. 

✭ Creator of leader and entrepreneur incubators; WowArchetypes personality profile; and host of her popular podcast, ranked top 10 in 11 countries.

✭ Currently lives in Sydney Australia, but is equally at home in London. A warrior mother – she raised a son by herself.  An eclectic, creative, free-spirited human who began her first business venture at 15.