Wow or Never

A place to help you lead your world from the inside out. 

You were born to lead your (own) world



Hi, I'm Merilyn


I'm here to unlock my fullest Wow in life.

And to inspire you to unlock yours too.

So that together we can remind humanity that it can do better. 

Holy Wow!

Categorising me the conventional way is tricky.
I've never been a fan of niching.

But I've been called:
Activator. Aesthete. Advisor. Architect.
Creative. Coach. Consultant. 
Designer. Director.
Energiser Bunny. Entrepreneur. Educator.
Intuitive. Interviewer.
Facilitator. Leader. Lecturer. 
Marketeer. Maximiser. Mentor.
Photographer. Podcaster. Preacher. Polymath. 
Renaissance Woman. 
Speaker. Strategist. 
Tastemaker. Visionary. Writer.

Tall Poppy. 

Or as one intuitive friend once said...
'Merilyn, you showcase brilliance'!

I've worked with 1000's of organisations, businesses, teams, causes and individuals all over the globe... from startups, to boutique consultancies, to not-for-profit empires, to celebrities and award-winning premium brands.

But my son just calls me mum.

Mostly, I'm a down-to-earth Australian, with a dash of self-doubt, a wicked laugh, a love of British humour, and a determination to wake up humanity.

About Merilyn

The 'proper' bio! In third person (who is that 3rd person anyway!)

✭ Merilyn has spent 3 decades energising people, brands and businesses to find and follow their Wow.

✭ After a degree in Architecture, she fell into a natural rhythm of working with creative and entrepreneurial types with big visions. 

✭ A polymath with professional labels of Strategic Director, Learning & Development Executive, Change Management Consultant, Brand Architect... and many more. AKA... she's lived a lot. 

✭ She's spoken on stages, and managed big conferences, in famous venues in London.

✭ She has her own online teaching & mentoring business and a community of visionaries she coaches.

Creator of the WowArchetypes personality profile, Lead Your World Academy (which originally began offline in central London in 2005), and now the Tall Poppy Society... a club for humans creating their own Revolution of Wow.

✭ Host of a podcast / talk show that has ranked top 10 in 11 countries.

✭ Mastermind coach for online 7-figure entrepreneurs and the marketing energy behind multi-million-dollar launches.

Merilyn currently lives in Sydney Australia, but is equally at home in London.

Merilyn in a nutshell

WowArchetype: VisionMaker / PassionMaker

Gallop Clifton StrengthsFinder: Strategic, Maximiser, Activator

Human Design: 5/1 Manifesting Generator

Enneagram: 3 with a 4 wing

DiSC: Inspirational (Di)

ColorCode: Red/Yellow

MyersBriggs: ENFP