The Difference... is Wow



Wow isn't based on what you do... it's Who you are


After 30 years of leading, advising and mentoring individuals and organisations, I can tell you categorically...

The magic pill is YOU. 

Your Wow... (not theirs)!

Hi, I'm Merilyn and I'm a Wow Catalyst


Sounds like a confession at a 12 Steps meeting! 
Seriously though... 

For most of my life I've intuitively helped people connect with their Wow.

Or, in other words... I help develop strong women and create inspiring brands.

I call it... Be Wow. Create Wow. Give Wow. 

"Merilyn is one of those super talented visionaries... she helps others see a bigger horizon for themselves, often when they're stuck in the inevitable minutia and can barely see beyond the action list! She's been a big influence on our brand and we love her to bits."

Liz Warom - MD & Founder of multiple award-winning, luxury brand Temple Spa |

"You want a coach who is knowledgeable, personable and one who cheerleaders for you and tells you when you mess up. And someone with incredible energy and who brings the fun factor. Merilyn is ALL that. "

David Siteman Garland - Creator of Rise To The Top and Create Awesome Online Courses

"I run 4 successful businesses and still to this day use the wisdom I gleaned from Merilyn's leadership classes. She's an extraordinarily inspiring person who understands the complexities to leading well, valuing others and getting the most out of your team"

Kirsty Harkness - MD of Mount Base Vineyards, CD TigerTiger Photographer, Director of  luxury brand Hark&Zander

I was born to inspire people to find, follow & trust their own Wow. 

Categorising me the conventional way is tricky.
I've never been a fan of niching. 

But I've been called:
Activator. Aesthete. Advisor. Architect.
Brand Magician. Creative. Coach. Consultant. 
Designer. Director.
Energiser Bunny. Entrepreneur. Educator.
Facilitator. Leader. Lecturer. 
Maximiser. Mentor.
Photographer. Podcaster. Preacher. 
Speaker. Strategist.
Tastemaker. Visionary. Writer.

Tall Poppy. 

Or as a intuitive friend once said...
'Merilyn, you showcase people's brilliance'!

I've worked with 1000's of organisations, businesses, teams, causes and individuals all over the globe... from startups, to boutique consultancies, to not-for-profit empires, to celebrities and award-winning premium brands. 


But my son just calls me mum (or occasionally 'boomer', even though I'm Gen X!)

Mostly, I'm a down-to-earth Australian, with a dash of self-doubt, a wicked laugh, a love of British humour, and a determination to not live a victim mentality... or a mediocre life. 

"Merilyn's story resonates with me. It's so inspiring and women can relate to it completely."

Sigrun - Europe's #1 Business Mentor and Award Winning Entrepreneur |

"There are people walking around better equipped for life because of Merilyn"

Anton Grutzmacher - Co-founder & Chief Customer Officer at Omnisient

"Merilyn is a leader of leaders"

Dr Valerie Rein - Author of best selling Patriarchy Stress Disorder

"As an entrepreneur I was full of self-doubt and needed to change some beliefs and habits that were holding me back and affecting my results. Merilyn helped me focus on what really mattered most. Working with her is an amazing, encouraging and rewarding experience. Wow"

Rosalie Audoin -

"Not only was Merilyn instrumental in helping us with our brand strategy at our Harley Street practice but she is a phenomenal leadership teacher and speaker. I have personally witnessed huge transformations in all who have sat under Merilyn's inspirational teaching."

Dr Simone Laubscher - Founder of Rejuv Wellness, clinical nutritionist and naturopath |

"I had big dreams but no clue what direction to take. Merilyn transformed my path. 10 years later, I'm an author, professional speaker and run my own business in Australia and UK. And best of all, I now inspire others the way Merilyn inspired me."

Philippa Smit - Learning Consultant, Speaker & Author

"Merilyn lives leadership with contagious energy and passion and selflessly champions others to be the absolute best they can be. Great things ahead for anyone who aligns with what Merilyn does - you’ll stand on the shoulders of giants! "

Neil Michael - Exercise Physiologist, Health & Rehabilitation Coach

"Whether in front of one individual or a sea of people, Merilyn somehow touches each person. I still use her teachings in my business, over 20 years later. Mostly, she communicates to me through who she is - a strong, successful woman who is able to have it all: success and be an amazing mother."

Corrine Taylor - Managing Director, Australia

“Merilyn has had the profoundest positive impact on me, not only as a leader of my entrepreneurial world, but also on me as a mother, friend, daughter, and all the other countless roles I possess! She'll move you from ticking off daily to-do lists to living an extraordinary conscious goal-driven life. Your future success depends on it."

Dr Maryhan Baker - Child & parent coach & psychologist,

About Merilyn

Merilyn has spent 3 decades energising others. 

After a degree in Architecture, she fell into a natural rhythm of working with creative and rapidly growing entrepreneurial organisations, businesses and their leaders. 

✭ A polymath who has professionally held titles of Strategic Director, Learning & Development Executive, Change Management Consultant and Brand Architect before launching her own online education business. She's spoken on stages, and managed big conferences, in famous venues in London.

Creator of the WowArchetypes personality profile and the Lead Your World Academy. Host of a podcast that has ranked top 10 in 11 countries.

✭ Coached in masterminds for online entrepreneurs and added the marketing energy to multi-million-dollar launches.

Merilyn currently lives in Sydney Australia, but is equally at home in London. She began her first business venture at 14 making and selling dough flower brooches (which she discovered later dissolved in the wash... but that's another story)!