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6 months of small-group mentoring - to help women leaders raise their online business income to 100k & beyond... their way. 

First - let's get real as to why you are looking at this page.

  • You are shopping around for help with your business because you realise you can't do this alone (after-all, you're the expert, not an entrepreneur). 
  • You've already been in masterminds and feel a little let down.
  • You've spent $1000's on courses and bootcamps already, but your business 'balloon' is still lying limp on the ground.
  • You've signed up for a gazillion freebies and webinars.
And they all sounded good.
Or were great, at the start.
And yet you still haven't found what you are looking for (cue Bono)

Second - here's the PROBLEM with most programs...

(and believe me, I've spent over 100k to 'kick the tires'). 

Many don't help you don't transition from 'having a product', or being an expert, to leading a business.  And online business is tricky (especially marketing and traffic).

Many courses are just marketing tactics (or created by social media celebrities) - they aren't customised to you. Or they sell a method/blueprint or 'success path' that simply doesn't suit every personality, business type or nationality!

Getting your message right matters - but most don't focus on this nearly enough. Or they tell you to work on your messaging but don't actually show you how.

Many programs boast of a huge library of courses, live Q&A's and alluring bonuses, but consuming more content doesn't help you get business momentum.

Strategies and step-by-steps are important, but all the game plans in the world won't help someone who can't lead themselves from the inside out (i.e. they aren't helping you get internally 'fit'). 

Many mastermind groups and coaching programs are the 'flagship' products of entrepreneurs, so they are built to scale their income at the expense of their members (i.e. they are just too large to give personalised support). 

In large masterminds and group coaching programs, the coaches don't really get to know your business.

Entrepreneurs and online marketers are great at 'telling', but not teaching and coaching. And many online coaches don't have critical group facilitation skills.

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So how is what I'm offering you any different?  

Well, I created LEAP to do three things:

  1. Get you brand & messaging clarity.
  2. Get you confident at marketing campaigns.
  3. Empower you to lead your business YOUR way.

All in an environment that has the small-group as the priority. So live calls aren't big. Or long. And you can get feedback quickly - you don't have to 'apply' for it. 

Plus I've had 30 years of business and business-coaching experience, globally. In other words, I wasn't born yesterday. And I didn't decide to became a business coach after ballooning an Instagram following. All puns intended!

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LeadYourWorld's LEAP


This is not a course or a mastermind, because most women who haven't consistently reached 100k (years or launches) need more direction and support than that. 

This is not the blind leading the blind. 

LEAP is a practical mentorship program with weekly live support and direction from Merilyn, herself. 

You join for a minimum of 6 months, after which you can then continue on as a monthly subscription. 

● Grow Your Tribe
And discover marketing ease...
Evolve From Hustle To Flow
And don't burnout in the process... 
● Build Revenue Momentum
So 10k months flow easily...

What's It Like To Work With Merilyn?

Watch and read testimonies and stories...


The Benefits of Joining:

  • See your business take off - you'll create a scaleable business model and feel-good leadership operating style to get you reaching 100k (or another 100k).

  • Grow your tribe to at least 1000 (or another 1000). Mastering paid and organic customer acquisition. 

  • Get your business online quickly (or expand your online products or services) - and find out what is working NOW. 

  • Practice sales campaigns and launching your signature program with help at each stage. We fill focus on launch/promotions strategies that suit you, rather than 'what's trendy'. 

  • Get clarity and strengthen your message, market and mission.

  • Grow inside and out. You'll make a big leap from self employed to entrepreneurial leader - in mindset, habits confidence.

  • And much, much more...
● Support & Direction
Get feedback, clarity & encouragement
● Implementation
Scale your business, faster
● Mentoring
Develop Entrepreneurial Superpowers

What's Included?


A Weekly Live Call - with Merilyn

For coaching, accountability, feedback & implementation.

These calls rotate between:

  • Planathons - planning your quarters, launches and content plans. 
  • Facilitated Implementation Calls where, in real time, you'll get work done on your business and take part in small breakout groups for even more feedback. 
  • Coaching Hotseat Calls - for customising plans and troubleshooting. You can have as many hotseats as you need and you can submit questions in advance if you can't attend live. 

PLUS... YOU'LL LOVE THIS.... There are multiple calls every Tuesday - in different timezones, so you don't need to get up at 3am, and we keep the groups small enough to give everyone a hotseat if they need it. Most calls are 60-75 minutes, so if you miss a call you don't have to trawl through hours of replays. 


LeadYourWorld Academy

The goldilocks of education and training - 'just right'. 

All modules and courses in the LeadYourWorld Academy - either on desktop or app. Use as a reference library rather than feel you have to 'do every course' - the focus is on your individual progress and action (not consuming more content). Workbooks and training videos. 

Included areas: 

  • LeadWow - Mission, Market & Messaging. 
  • LeadSelf  - Mind, Time & Personality.
  • LeadOthers - GrowYourTribe, LeadYourSales, LeadYourTeam.
  • Expert Masterclass library - on topics like PR and LinkedIn etc.


Feedback, Community & Support

For connection & masterminding

6 months access to a LEAP Private Facebook Group Community where you can interact with others and get your questions answered 24/7.

PLUS... you can post and get feedback on landing pages, sales pages, copy, taglines, campaign plans... you name it. 


Onboarding Call

For customisation and clear direction. 

To get you knowing exactly what to do from day one.

  • Initial LeadYourYear Planning session. 
  • Plan out your signature offer and 2-3 launches over the 6 months. 
  • This call is in a small group of no more than 4 people.  


You'll have the opportunity to promote your free offers in my Online Resource Store (on merilyn.com).

"Merilyn is just one of those super-talented, multi-talented people... she has vision and can help others see a bigger horizon for themselves, often when they’re stuck in the inevitable minutia and can barely see beyond the action list! She’s been a big influence on Temple Spa and we love her to bits."

LIZ WAROM, multiple award-winning  | templespa.com

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"Your story resonates with me – it’s so inspiring and  women can relate to it."

SIGRUN | sigrun.com

"I’m going to brag on you here… you were the biggest surprise - we don’t know where you came from, but when we met we knew we wanted more of what you bring. You want a coach that’s knowledgeable, personable and one who cheerleaders for you and tells you when you mess up. And someone who brings the fun factor - someone you enjoy interacting with. You are all that!"


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"Merilyn, you are a leader of leaders."

DR VALERIE REIN, Best selling author  |  drvalerie.com

Take the LEAP and lead your world... faster

Upgrade to LeadYourWorld LEAP Now

The initial investment is 6 months. Thereafter you can continue as a monthly subscription rate of 1000 per month (cancel anytime). 



6 monthly payments - USD

  • 6 Months 
  • Weekly Calls with Merilyn
  • Onboarding & Orientation
  • Private Facebook Group



One Payment - USD

  • 6 Months
  • Weekly Calls with Merilyn
  • Onboarding & Orientation
  • Private Facebook Group
ONE PAYMENT OF $5000 (save 20%)



One Payment or 6x$2400 USD

  • 6 Months of 1:1 calls with Merilyn every 2 weeks (30 minute calls).
  • Quick-question access to Merilyn through Messenger, Voxer or WhatsApp.
  • Email access to Merilyn.
  • Includes LEAP for 6 months at the same time (value $5k). 

Click on APPLY NOW and make an appointment with Merilyn to discuss this option. Limited spaces available. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Final Thoughts...

Did you know that most business owners fail not because their product or service isn't good?
In the 25+ years I've worked in business I've battled those feelings of self doubt too. I've seen many people fail not because they weren't talented, but because they lacked business experience, support and strategic direction. 
This happens no matter what country or industry you might be in (and I've experienced it personally across 7 countries and 21 industries).
And if you are like me you don't just want to grow your income and figure out the whole online thing, you want to join the 1.7% who reach that millionaire mark... not because of the money, but because of what the money can DO. 
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