The WowArchetypes


 Discover all the WowArchetypes. Experience deep ah-ha moments - increase self awareness, unlock your core drivers, base your business and branding around your type, and see your relationships flourish.


Lead life the way you were hard-wired to

The course to deepen how you lead yourself and others with your personality. 

"I feel like I've been given permission to spread my wings."

- Sharon Valdez

"I feel that I can finally accept ME! That I am not flawed or “not enough” – that I am who I am and that is more than OK. Now that I know my archetype and it’s WOWS and WOES I have been able to identify what has been keeping me stuck and can now make adjustments to the way I work that will compliment it and not fight it. AWESOME!!!" 

- Bernadette Dallas

What it includes:



Complete the profile test (1 free test included).

Introducing the Four Archetypes.

The VisionMakers

The PassionMakers

The HeartMakers

The PeaceMakers


WowArchetypes &  Leadership

WowArchetypes & Productivity

WowArchetypes & People Skills

WowArchetypes & Character

Interacting with other WowArchetypes

A Wow Team

WowArchetypes with Marketing & Sales

WowArchetypes and Branding

‘This is soooo much better (than DiSC)”

- Jess White

"No wonder you call this WOW - because WOW! No one has ever said to me follow your peace. It's always been develop, follow passion or vision or heart!" 

- Sandra Reidy

"Fabulous! Completely loved it. I appreciate how the WowArchetype gives me permission to be me and play to my strengths." 

- Rachel Schofield

"I'd always thought of myself as being 'less than'... and that I would have to accept that I am not an entrepreneur... with some courage, knowledge and owning all parts of my maker style, anything is truly possible." 

- Llana Coley

"These videos made me realise so much as to my life calling, I'm on the right track, my path took a meandering detour, but now focussed. Thank you so much Merilyn." 

- Debra