Put Your Personality Into It! 

WowArchetype Bootcamp

Discover how to build your business, career and life WITH your unique WowArchetype...


Ever Wondered.... 

● Why the pressure to go Live on social media feels uncomfortable to you... when others go Live daily, with ease?

● Why you see the big picture... but get frustrated by the details of actually making your vision happen?

● Why you keep getting distracted by shiny objects.... whilst others stay focused?

Why you seem to sabotage yourself... despite how many goals you set, or resolutions you make. 

And the ultimate question... Are you hard-wired to do what you are doing in the first place?

I get frustrated with a lot of the online courses out there...

You know - the ones promising to  skyrocket your results! 

I've personally spent thousands on other courses and programs. And yet...

... nobody was addressing PERSONALITY... and how it can sabotage or enhance your success. 

So that's what inspired me to create the WowArchetype Assessment. Even though I was a certified trainer in all the known personality profiles (DiSC, MyersBriggs, ColorCode, Enneagram etc) - I wanted something that worked for entrepreneurial women. Something that helped smart people stop the self-sabotage of their success. 

I'm going to be brutally honest...

If you don't build your business, career and life WITH your personality in mind...  then you'll keep wasting time, money and burn out your adrenals trying to get successful. 


But what if you could grow your business, life and career YOUR WAY?

⭐️ What if you stopping feeling the pressure of what's trending?

⭐️ What if you could do things with your wow, not theirs?

⭐️ And let your strengths cancel out your personal weaknesses?

⭐️ With bucketloads of confidence because it's not only successful, but you feel like yourself... doing things WITH your personality. 


The WowArchetype Bootcamp

Less stress & more confidence
● More connection - be AMAZING in your understanding of other people 
● Put big dollops of personality WOW into your business, career and life

About Merilyn

Entrepreneur mentor & strategist for women business owners, creator of The WowArchetype and LeadYourWorld Academy and host of the wildly popular LeadYourDay Podcast.

For over 25 years she's helped business owners all over the world grow themselves, their brands and their teams. 

She first discovered 'personality typing' when managing a small business - and this enabled her business to THRIVE during a recession. The WowArchetype is the next generation of personality profiling - created over 30 years research and designed for business owners. 

"I feel like I've been given permission to spread my wings."

- Sharon Valdez

"I feel that I can finally accept ME! That I am not flawed or “not enough” – that I am who I am and that is more than OK. Now that I know my archetype and it’s WOWS and WOES I have been able to identify what has been keeping me stuck and can now make adjustments to the way I work that will compliment it and not fight it. AWESOME!!!" 

- Bernadette Dallas

The WowArchetype Bootcamp is the only personality centric course specifically designed for entrepreneurs.

AND... it works for ALL of life, even if you are still working for someone else and growing your career... In fact it touches all of life (even why certain people get under your skin). 

It will leave you FEELING GREAT.  

And we all urgently need that, especially this year. 

BUT... it's not enough just to do the quiz.

You need to know how to APPLY it to your life, business and relationships. 

Here's what you discover:

  • Quickly identify the wowtype of others - clients, team, friends and family - so relationships can be waaaaaay more fruitful. This is in Module 9 and 12.
  • Create marketing that hits the spot - because you know the key four inner drivers of people. Module 14. 

  • Have an internal 'decision-maker' that suits you to a T (which means you can ignore the well meaning, but mis-informed advice to 'follow your passion', which only applies to a quarter of personalities anyway!). Module 10.

  • Productivity advice that suits YOU. Module 8.

  • Stop being your own worst enemy - and understanding why you do the things you do. Module 11. 

  • Choose the right leadership style for your WowArchetype. Module 7. 

  • Discover who you should hire next in your team for ultimate performance team. Module 13. 

And much, much more...

‘This is soooo much better (than DiSC)”

- Jess White

"No wonder you call this WOW - because WOW! No one has ever said to me follow your peace. It's always been develop, follow passion or vision or heart!" 

- Sandra Reidy

"Fabulous! Completely loved it. I appreciate how the WowArchetype gives me permission to be me and play to my strengths." 

- Rachel Schofield

"I'd always thought of myself as being 'less than'... and that I would have to accept that I am not an entrepreneur... with some courage, knowledge and owning all parts of my maker style, anything is truly possible." 

- Llana Coley

"These videos made me realise so much as to my life calling, I'm on the right track, my path took a meandering detour, but now focussed. Thank you so much Merilyn." 

- Debra  

What Do You Get In The WowArchetype Bootcamp?


  • Lifetime access to the WowArchetype training course, including 15 lessons in self-paced video format. 

  • A downloadable workbook.

  • All four WowArchetype Reports to download and keep. 

  • PLUS... Ask questions in the comments under each lesson and get feedback from Merilyn and her team of WowArchetype trained coaches.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️


Join WowArchetype Bootcamp now... and unleash your inner wow