The Productivity Cure:

2024 Edition

Setting business owners free from productivity mindsets and methods that weigh us down, cause anxiety and keep us so busy that the world misses out on our magic


Clear the clutter in your heads and space

Adopt new processes that feel good (and don't suggest you join a 5am club)

Find flow and calm rhythms that restore and replenish

We want be productive for one reason... to FEEL GOOD.

True productivity brings happiness, fulfilment and peace. Busyness brings stress.

It's not about doing more, but helping you choose things that are critical to your happiness and wellbeing. 

It's about enabling you to live to your fullest potential.

The Productivity Cure is designed to leave you feeling not just good, but... WOW!


Time and tide wait for no man

Time flies

Procrastination is the thief of time

Time is money

Save time

Stop wasting time

Lost time is never found

There's plenty of reasons why we have a dysfunctional relationship with time.

But most solutions are often presented as hard and unwelcome and don't suit women. 

A wholy masculine approach to productivity can leave us feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

So, let's talk time from both feminine and masculine energetics... and get a few things sorted.


Join me in The Productivity Cure.. and recover your aaahhh!

The Productivity Cure will help you:

Get things done without sacrificing health or happiness

Defeat overwhelm

Unleash your inner wow

Feel more present and have clarity of purpose

Manage stress and overwhelm

Move away from procrastination. Move towards getting the things that matter done.

Connect with the natural rhythms that feel good for you.

Tune into your own deep, intuitive wisdom - empowering you as the leader of your own life.

And most importantly, it's about getting crystal clear direction about what to do next to GROW WILD in your business, career and life. 

Dear reader...  

I personally want to invite you to this very special 2024 edition of The Productivity Cure. This work of ar programme has changed countless lives over the years since it was first launched in 2017. 

It will be my gift to you for free for a few days. 

I last ran it live in 2020. And I've considerably evolved my thoughts, approach to business and productivity since then. 

Our nervous systems have coped (or not coped) with unexpected levels of stress. It's time for not only a new discussion around time, but re-imagined productivity cures.

The Productivity Cure programme was birthed, originally, out of what I'd learned juggling solo-parenting, recovering from extreme adrenal fatigue and consulting and coaching to multimillion dollar businesses over 25 years.

7 years on, not only has the world changed, but business has changed too. We are entering an age of more freedom - to choose what works for us, not blindly follow other's processes and blueprints. 

So I invite you to join me in The Productivity Cure 2024 Edition. 

Merilyn Wilson Beretta

Unleash Your TimeWow

The Productivity Cure re-wilds our relationship with getting things done


Khush cleared her overwhelm and booked out four courses in less than 6 months. She got focused and within months had created, launched and sold out her own online course. 

Dr Khush Mark | Nutritionist, homeopath and lecturer


Monica got clarity and launched a new business - making five figure months within 3 months. She got clarity and started her dream personal brand within weeks of doing The Productivity Cure. Plus she's a mum of 8 kids, including 2 sets of twins under 7. 

Monica Perez Burnett | The Branding Vault