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EP15 | Patriarchy Stress Disorder - An Introduction

Patriarchy Stress Disorder is the invisible inner barrier to women's happiness and fulfilment... and it's the title of the best-selling new book by Dr Valerie Rein. This book (and her work) has impacted me so much, I thought I'd read you the Introduction chapter. I encourage you to listen to this podcast, then go out and buy the book!

Patriarchy Stress Disorder, by Dr Valerie Rein. 


EP14 | A tale of three bees

There are many types of bees and they are vital little critters in the health of our world... but what on earth what have they got to do with building a business? Well, my clients know that I talk about three particular bees all the time to help them really 'get' the business building analogy.

See which bees you identify with...

The first is the HONEY BEE.

Now this one is described as a very social bee. I think of this bee as the marketing and client contact bee. Important in any business. This is the bee that is making Instagram stories all day long! and certain personalities thrive being the Honey Bee.

Then there's the WORKER BEE.

This one gets the jobs done. Ticks off the to-do's. Does the work. Builds the website. Sends the emails. Does the admin. You get the picture. It's often the primary role of most business owners and they can get stuck here and it can stop them growing. Doing doing doing.

And finally there is the Queen Bee. She is responsible for the growth of the hive...


EP13 | Kevin Costner was wrong!

Sorry Kevin, your Field Of Dreams philosophy just doesn't work with marketing! 

So many women meet with 'resistance' when it comes to marketing, especially those who have yet to make the leap from side-income to abundance. They have the 'build it and they will come' mentality, sometimes without even realising it. They stay in hobby-mode for way too long and it comes from a distorted view of marketing.  This resistance is rooted in fear. Fear of visibility, fear of rejection, fear of failure. And it doesn't help when every second ad that follows us around on social media is promising us the marketing 'hacks of 7 figure entrepreneurs'. 

In this podcast I chat about a completely different way to view marketing - and it's got nothing to do with any latest method or sales funnel. Listen and let your whole mindset about marketing be challenged. 


EP12 | Money mindsets - is it really our fault?

As a business coach and strategist I often get asked 'what should I charge for my product/service'. More often than not, the question is about 'am I really worth it' to charge this price? A frank chat about money mindset, marketing, pricing and women. 


EP11 | A different view on burnout, overwhelm & exhaustion

I've completely changed my mind on these subjects. The usual advice goes something along the lines of 'get a bigger vision', 'get organised' and to make sure you have 'me time'. Which sounds right... but is it? This puts us in the blame seat, as if we are doing something wrong - and I no longer believe this is the full story. This episode looks at burnout, overwhelm and exhaustion from a trauma-informed approach - I think you'll find it a welcome and refreshing point of view. 



EP10 | Why flow is the new hustle

Stop Striving, start Flowing. We hear the word 'flow' a lot lately. But what does it really mean? And how do we move from a place of striving to a state of flow? Especially when we are being told constantly to 'push harder', 'get over ourselves' and 'hustle'. This short episode is food for thought around the whole subject. 




EP9 | Lead Your Mind with Dr Valerie Rein



The self-help and personal development industries have lied to us! They tell us to "fix ourselves", "get over ourselves"... and so we get on the hamster wheel of self improvement and are still left asking, "What's wrong with me?"

In this episode I'm chatting with Dr Valerie Rein, whose new book Patriarchy Stress Disorder has raced to the best seller list. She has worked with hundreds of high-achieving women and discovered that they issues they all struggle with are not just personal (the 'what's wrong with me') - they're rooted in the ancestral and collective trauma experienced by women in the patriarchal world for millennia.

You can find more about Dr Valerie's groundbreaking work at: drvalerie.com.
Her book is:  Patriarchy Stress Disorder - the invisible inner barrier to women's happiness and fulfilment, by Valerie Rein, PHD


EP8 | How to choose a great coach or mentor

So what REALLY should you look for when hiring a coach or mentor, or joining a group coaching programme or mastermind. Merilyn reveals her top secrets, gathered from coaching and mentoring for 20+ years. 



EP7 | Are you riding or surviving the roller coaster?

The number one reason why you aren't getting your action list done, growing your business (and the reason why 90% of businesses fail in the first 5 years), is down to this: HOW you ride the entrepreneurial roller coaster. In the episode we chat about how to enjoy it and not endure it. 



EP6 | Leader or Follower - what will you be?

When it comes to marketing, positioning and branding, are you being the leader or the follower? This short motivational inspires you to find your own voice and stop being a lookalike brand.


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