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EP125 | The 10 Minute Fix - with author Catherine Greer

In this episode I'm chatting with author Catherine Greer about her latest book, The 10 Minute Fix - 100 Simple Ways To Feel Better NOW.

Catherine Greer lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband and two teenage sons. When Catherine isn’t writing books, she runs Love Our Age, a lifestyle blog. Her debut Young Adult thriller, Love Lie Repeat, was published in 2019 by Penguin Books. In 2018, she published her first picture book about Australia, Jacaranda Snow. The 10 Minute Fix is her debut non-fiction book. Catherine holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and a Master of Arts. She started her career as an English teacher at a private school on Vancouver Island, Canada. When she immigrated to Australia, Catherine launched a freelance copywriting business in Sydney, and also provides keynotes and corporate training.   

You can find Catherine online at, and on Instagram @catherinegreerauthor.

Buy The 10 Minute Fix here:

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EP117 | Parasympathetic Guinea Pig - Part 1

I had one of those ah-ha moment conversations again a few days ago. One of my mentors said ‘Merilyn, you run at high energy, even when excited (rather than stressed)... your nervous system isn’t getting into parasympathetic state enough’.

He was right. Being a VisionMaker too doesn’t help.

And the weird 2020 agenda is definitely not helping either! Pile on the collective stress that the planet is experiencing, and our nervous systems are put to the test.

Over in LeadYourWorld Entrepreneurs, we did our seasonal Planathon last week. Part of the process is re-looking at our ideal week. As my business has grown a lot over the last 12 months I’ve tended to just make my days fuller, without being aware of the toll on my nervous system (as gosh, I’m excited, not stressed). So as I was looking at my ideal week template I realised my ‘free’ time wasn’t getting me into a parasympathetic state! It was crash state (I do love the escapism of...


EP99 | Homeschooling, Rice Paddies & Pink Hair - the everyday world of author Jo Ebisujima

Today I'm interviewing Jo Ebisujima - a British-born Japanese-living multi-passionate entrepreneur and bestselling author who lives among the rice paddies just north of Tokyo. Yes, she really does! She helps entrepreneur moms get organised at home, with the kids and in their business so that they have more time to build their empire. We chatted about the challenges that parents are facing in homeschooling and how this is not necessarily a bad thing for their child's education. We also cover the role of having routines and how to make them work, plus the challenge to our corporate/school mindsets.

To contact Jo: 
FB Page:
FB Group: Moms That Rock
To find out about Jo's Wonder Mom Success Club

Without giving up sleep or using a time machine?

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EP39 | How to age beautifully, with author Catherine Greer

Catherine Greer is an author (Penguin Books), blogger and copywriter. Lately, she's been particularly interested in the Age Positive movement and has recently launched Love Our Age, a website to celebrate loving our age and living beautifully. With a mix of Canadian optimism and Australian savvy, Catherine loves encouraging women of all ages to live well. You can contact Catherine through her website:

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