190. From mud hut to Star Wars fame - fascinating crossroads, with Femi Taylor


From being born in a mud hut, her mother dying at birth, then being abandoned at a Nigerian orphanage, Femi's life is a series of fascinating crossroads. She was adopted by an English family and raised in London and went on to have a wonderful career on stage and screen all over the world. Our chat covers all the crossroads that have so far made up her life story - and a challenge for us to look at how we respond to the circumstances in our own lives.  You'll also witness, as you listen, a few precious and emotional moments. 

Femi is best known for her cult Star Wars role as Oola, the doomed dancer to Jabba The Hutt in Return of the Jedi.  She also was an original London cast member in CATS.  Whilst she still gets invited to Sci-fi conventions all over the world (yes, she still fits into her Star Wars costume and hasn't aged), she has retrained into architectural design and lives in Denmark with her family. 

This is definitely one of my all time favourite interviews.

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