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EP50 | WowArchetypes & productivity

Can all personality types be great at time management? It depends. Some are definitely more prone to distraction (I'm talking to you PassionMakers), whilst others get bogged down in perfectionism (ah hum... HeartMakers). This short teaching episode gives each of the four WowArchetypes some tips on being more productive in business. 

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EP43 | WowArchetypes & Leadership

Are all WowArchetypes leaders? Can all WowArchetypes really be suited to entrepreneurship? The answer is... yes! They just lead differently, and that's okay! Leadership is not a personality type. Today's episode explores how each of the WowArchetypes - VisionMaker, PassionMaker, HeartMaker and PeaceMaker leads. 

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EP24 | How your WowArchetype can stop you having an amazing 2020

In this episode I continue the chat about WowArchetypes and focus on the key things that can stop each type getting their goals and dreams going in 2020. And of course, I talk about what each type can do. 

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EP18 | What WowArchetype Are You?

An introductory chat about my personality profiling tool - The WowArchetype - designed for entrepreneurs. Discover if you are a VisionMaker, PassionMaker, PeaceMaker or HeartMaker. I've spent decades teaching many well known personality profile systems, and whilst great, they all tend to be 'employment' focused. This easy to remember personality profile is ideal for business owners. 

When you've listened to this podcast, you can take my FREE Quiz to discover how your personality impacts your business (and even your marketing)! Click to take the quiz here now.

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Take the free WowArchetype Take the Quiz 


The WowArchetype has gone viral!


Woah... that was completely unexpected!

I've just had over 3000 7000 people do My WowArchetype quiz.

In just a few months.


Plus oodles and oodles of shares and comments!

Seems I'm not the only one who loves personality profiles.


But I reckon we all love figuring out why we do what we do (and especially why others tick us off!).

Check out these comments:

Romana: "... your quiz is just brilliant. Thank you. I love how you explain personality wows and woes in an easy going way and how to apply it on different entrepreneurial topics. And of course, I'm the PassionMaker Type... who would have guessed. "

Brenda: "That is me to the letter."

Denise: "All true! LOL"

Anika: "I really liked the fact that I am the heartmaker type and got a couple of new things that I hadn’t realised were part of it.  I was just wondering if there was some other distinction because you’re not just going to be all of one thing.  Do you have...


Personality 'fortune telling'

We all love a good personality quiz… they are just fun, hey?   

Even the ones that tell you what kind of Game of Thrones character you are, or what type of cheese you would be.  

There’s something alluring about seeing if a quiz can ‘get us’. It's kind of like having our fortune told... we are fascinated by what secrets might be revealed about who we really are. I guess at the end of the day we just want to be known for who we really are. 

... well, this week I’ve got my own personality quiz for you. I've actually been using this quiz offline for about 15 years and whenever I run workshops on this, they are always everyone's favourite.

Click here to take the quiz

I’ve been testing this one on the 277 people who recently helped me pilot test a new course, and it definitely got the thumbs up!  

‘OMG. This is SO me’… was the usual response!  

The unique thing about this quiz is that it’s for...


Stop looking for your passion

Rainy weekends and being sick in bed. Kinda go together. That was my weekend. Lots of sleeping, thinking and I started watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix (where have I been for the last 10 years)! Such a quirky, feel good show.

But stay with me and keep reading, as there's a point to this...

It got me thinking about different personalities. And about passions. Most of the characters in Gilmore Girls are clearly 'passionate' about their work, even though many of them don't have 'passionate' type personalities.

There's so much advice out there to 'find your passion'. And whilst this advice is well meaning, what if you are the type that doesn't really feel that passionate? Or what if you can't identify your 'passion' due to various life experiences, stresses, constant tiredness from parenting (to name just a few)!

Here's a suggestion - try replacing the word passion with one of these instead:

1. Enthusiasm
What are you enthusiastic about? It's not as extroverted as 'passion'. Enthusiasm...

1 2

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