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  • Started in January 2020.
  • Top 10 in 9 countries.
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EP5 | Lead MY Day

Morning routines can be soooo overrated. However I have one simple thing I do every morning that has made a huge difference to my life, income and how I feel about getting up in the morning. And it's no small contributor to my 5x increase in revenue within 12 months.

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EP4 | How to energise your brand, with Monica Perez Burnett

Monica is a serial entrepreneur and a busy mom of 8 kids, including 2 sets of twins! She runs a thriving business teaching mom's how to turn their business into a personal brand. On this episode we chat about how to energise yourself and your brand in 2020.

You can find Monica at mom-preneurhacks.com.

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EP3 | Bushfires + koalas + leaders

I live in Australia. At the time of recording, we are experiencing the worst bushfires in history. This podcast is a chat about that and my thoughts about leadership.

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EP2 | LeadYourYear Espresso

This episode is an espresso version of my annual Lead Your Year Open Workshop. To help you plan your new year strategy and have your business take off in 2020. You can download the planner and workbook below.

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EP1 | What will you do with this new decade?

What will you do with this inaugural year of a brand new decade? A chat about why the heck I started a daily podcast (and why it took me so long to start);  who must listen (any woman who is hungry to lead her world and despite being a  high performer is hitting walls and ceilings internally and externally)... plus how the patriarchy, masculine, competitive and corporate model of leadership has infiltrated female entrepreneurship. Plus I share an intriguing story about a bonfire of butterflies!

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The WowArchetype has gone viral!


Woah... that was completely unexpected!

I've just had over 3000 7000 people do My WowArchetype quiz.

In just a few months.


Plus oodles and oodles of shares and comments!

Seems I'm not the only one who loves personality profiles.


But I reckon we all love figuring out why we do what we do (and especially why others tick us off!).

Check out these comments:

Romana: "... your quiz is just brilliant. Thank you. I love how you explain personality wows and woes in an easy going way and how to apply it on different entrepreneurial topics. And of course, I'm the PassionMaker Type... who would have guessed. "

Brenda: "That is me to the letter."

Denise: "All true! LOL"

Anika: "I really liked the fact that I am the heartmaker type and got a couple of new things that I hadn’t realised were part of it.  I was just wondering if there was some other distinction because you’re not just going to be all of one thing.  Do you have...


Podcast | Maximising Your Home Office

A few weeks ago I shared how I was invited to speak about setting up a home office, but the conversation morphed into an intriguing conversation about the 'inner' office!

Well that podcast episode has become one of the show's top listened to episodes! How cool is that?

... This week I have that second podcast to share with you - setting up a home office and how to maximise it for being more productive (and a place you LOVE to use). 

I'm chatting with Peter Colquhoun - Australian Better Homes & Gardens and Grand Designs resident architect.

Why not find your earphones, put your jogging shoes on and go for a walk and listen. Right now. It's a great way to start off your week. 

Listen Now

Oh, and below is a picture of my office! I chat about it's evolution on the podcast episode.


Personality 'fortune telling'

We all love a good personality quiz… they are just fun, hey?   

Even the ones that tell you what kind of Game of Thrones character you are, or what type of cheese you would be.  

There’s something alluring about seeing if a quiz can ‘get us’. It's kind of like having our fortune told... we are fascinated by what secrets might be revealed about who we really are. I guess at the end of the day we just want to be known for who we really are. 

... well, this week I’ve got my own personality quiz for you. I've actually been using this quiz offline for about 15 years and whenever I run workshops on this, they are always everyone's favourite.

Click here to take the quiz

I’ve been testing this one on the 277 people who recently helped me pilot test a new course, and it definitely got the thumbs up!  

‘OMG. This is SO me’… was the usual response!  

The unique thing about this quiz is that it’s for...


Podcast | Your 'Inner Office' Matters

Did you know that at least 90% of businesses fail in the first few years? And it's nothing to do with the economy, the ever changing social media algorithm or who is in office in politics but it has everything to do with the 'inner office' of the business owner themselves.

Recently, I was honoured to be interviewed by Better Homes & Gardens' resident architect, TV celebrity Peter Colquhoun on his Better Ideas Podcast!  We are chatting about how to be productive and what you need to make it work when you’re working from a home office.

Fun Fact - I actually turned up to be interviewed about setting up a home office (given my background in architecture and entrepreneurism), but Peter was fascinated about the entrepreneurial mindset... so I ended up being on two podcasts (I'll let you know when the second one, all about Tips for a great home office, is released). 

Enjoy the chat!

1. Listen to the podcast episode on iTunes
2. Subscribe to...


Hello anxiety!

Merilyn: sometimes I forget to think abundantly.

Anxiety: but you aren’t abundant, you still have needs.

Merilyn: gosh, you are very needy aren’t you! We are extremely abundant. Just look around.


Merilyn: I see you’re not convinced. What if I tell you nice things. Would that help?

Anxiety: Maybe. But please don’t try any woo woo on me.

Merilyn: [takes anxiety by the shoulders, smiles and looks in her shadowy eyes.]
I know that you, dear anxiety, just want to keep me safe. You aren’t the devil. You aren’t the enemy. You aren’t even the mean girl.


Merilyn: truth is, whenever I have a need, it always is met. But you find it easier to say, ‘I’m broke’ or ‘I’m strapped’. But anxiety, dear anxiety, just listen to your words: Broke. Strapped. That’s not me.

Anxiety: but I’m just trying to protect you.

Merilyn: yes I know. I appreciate that. I forget that too. When I...


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