EP113 | Teaching Language From The Inside Out - with Kasia Krasucka

What do you get when you cross language teaching with a motivational teacher? Kasia Krasucka! 

I dare you to listen to this interview and NOT be inspired. Kasia is a Transformational Mentor & Motivational Language Teacher. She truly believes that once we find inner love, inner worth, inner strength, we awaken to living on purpose. We get empowered and become capable of things we thought impossible. We become invincible. We stop existing and start living. Kasia wants to inspire as many people as possible to find inner love, the purest feeling that has the power of transforming our lives.

Kasia has studied in 3 countries, earned 2 Master Degrees and currently lives in Denmark transforming peoples' lives working as a Inner Transformation Coach and designing innovative online language courses. 

To contact Kasia: 
Website: kasiakrasucka.com/empowerment

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For inner transformation, book a 30-min inner empowerment session with me. Use code MERILYN. Go to: http://kasiakrasucka.com/empowerment/

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