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EP14 | A tale of three bees

There are many types of bees and they are vital little critters in the health of our world... but what on earth what have they got to do with building a business? Well, my clients know that I talk about three particular bees all the time to help them really 'get' the business building analogy.

See which bees you identify with...

The first is the HONEY BEE.

Now this one is described as a very social bee. I think of this bee as the marketing and client contact bee. Important in any business. This is the bee that is making Instagram stories all day long! and certain personalities thrive being the Honey Bee.

Then there's the WORKER BEE.

This one gets the jobs done. Ticks off the to-do's. Does the work. Builds the website. Sends the emails. Does the admin. You get the picture. It's often the primary role of most business owners and they can get stuck here and it can stop them growing. Doing doing doing.

And finally there is the Queen Bee. She is responsible for the growth of the hive...


EP9 | Lead Your Mind with Dr Valerie Rein



The self-help and personal development industries have lied to us! They tell us to "fix ourselves", "get over ourselves"... and so we get on the hamster wheel of self improvement and are still left asking, "What's wrong with me?"

In this episode I'm chatting with Dr Valerie Rein, whose new book Patriarchy Stress Disorder has raced to the best seller list. She has worked with hundreds of high-achieving women and discovered that they issues they all struggle with are not just personal (the 'what's wrong with me') - they're rooted in the ancestral and collective trauma experienced by women in the patriarchal world for millennia.

You can find more about Dr Valerie's groundbreaking work at: drvalerie.com.
Her book is:  Patriarchy Stress Disorder - the invisible inner barrier to women's happiness and fulfilment, by Valerie Rein, PHD


EP8 | How to choose a great coach or mentor

So what REALLY should you look for when hiring a coach or mentor, or joining a group coaching programme or mastermind. Merilyn reveals her top secrets, gathered from coaching and mentoring for 20+ years. 



EP6 | Leader or Follower - what will you be?

When it comes to marketing, positioning and branding, are you being the leader or the follower? This short motivational inspires you to find your own voice and stop being a lookalike brand.



EP3 | Bushfires + koalas + leaders

I live in Australia. At the time of recording, we are experiencing the worst bushfires in history. This podcast is a chat about that and my thoughts about leadership. 


EP1 | What will you do with this new decade?

What will you do with this inaugural year of a brand new decade? A chat about why the heck I started a daily podcast (and why it took me so long to start);  who must listen (any woman who is hungry to lead her world and despite being a  high performer is hitting walls and ceilings internally and externally)... plus how the patriarchy, masculine, competitive and corporate model of leadership has infiltrated female entrepreneurship. Plus I share an intriguing story about a bonfire of butterflies!


Personality 'fortune telling'

We all love a good personality quiz… they are just fun, hey?   

Even the ones that tell you what kind of Game of Thrones character you are, or what type of cheese you would be.  

There’s something alluring about seeing if a quiz can ‘get us’. It's kind of like having our fortune told... we are fascinated by what secrets might be revealed about who we really are. I guess at the end of the day we just want to be known for who we really are. 

... well, this week I’ve got my own personality quiz for you. I've actually been using this quiz offline for about 15 years and whenever I run workshops on this, they are always everyone's favourite.

Click here to take the quiz

I’ve been testing this one on the 277 people who recently helped me pilot test a new course, and it definitely got the thumbs up!  

‘OMG. This is SO me’… was the usual response!  

The unique thing about this quiz is that it’s for...


Podcast | The Power Of Group Coaching

One thing you might not know about me is that I LOVE group coaching!

In all my 20+ years of working with business & people development, I've found group coaching to be, hand on heart, THE most effective method of growth and learning.

Another thing you might not know about me is that I moonlight as a group coach for David Siteman Garland's Accelerator Program. Which means I coach small groups of people for 90 days in creating an online course, from scratch.

I've helped people create courses about fertility, painting, career change, divorce recovery, meditation, piano competitions and even cancer blood tests!

I love it.

Helping people put their knowledge and experience (and passions) into a format that truly makes the world a better place.

Recently, I was interviewed by David Siteman Garland himself on his podcast out the power of group coaching. 

You might find it interesting....

Click to listen now


What do you stand for?


Why do you do what you do? 

This week's episode is all about that. 

Plus how looking at what makes you mad can help you identify what really matters to you.

If you know what your values are and you communicate them, you'll never worry about unsubscribes or people unfollowing you again. 

Email me at [email protected] and tell me what YOU stand for. 

Have a super week. 


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