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EP132 | Be Your Own Cheerleader (the power of PR) - with Caroline Joynson

Is PR still relevant in this age of social media? How can we self promote without being a self promoter? I'm chatting with PR expert Caroline Joynson about the power of PR and being your own cheerleader. 
Caroline is a PR Strategist and the founder of Cheerleader PR. Her mission is to empower passionate business owners to promote themselves with confidence - helping them to gain media coverage and PR so they can raise their profile, build relationships and make more sales. With 20 years’ PR experience, Caroline offers PR coaching, courses and consultancy. She works with clients locally, nationally and internationally, helping them to get clear on their message and share it alongside their unique story and expertise.
Caroline is a mum of two and is based in Leeds, UK. 
Caroline was recently featured in the UK Metro. Click to read.
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EP131 | Why Productivity Tools Don't Work - with Jo Bendle

What happens when you outgrow your goals? In this episode Jo Bendle shares her 'what next' after seeing her dream of successful location independent dream come true. A lively chat about about why what we've been taught about productivity doesn't work, the power of mindset work and how to have clarity. This episode is a smorgasbord of ah-ha's.

The official bit:
Jo is a Productivity + Empowerment Coach helping female business owners do more, be more and have more while working less. She helps women navigate the mindset struggles that hold them back from living a bigger life, hook into their future vision and equip them with the productivity tools they need to get there.

"I knew very very clearly that this wasn't what I was meant to be doing but it was a stepping stone... I share that because I wish people would give themselves permission to see where it (life) takes them."

"You don't HAVE to have all the clarity at the start!"

"For me there is no point giving them masculine...


EP127 | How To Network Online Without Feeling Icky

A casual chat with Monica Perez Burnett about being real and enjoying the 'networking' you do online. There is so much pressure to do things that our personalities might not be comfortable - this episode discusses this - that emotion and nervousness is okay. 

Some of the great quotes from this episode include:

"Don't be afraid to be human. We need more than ever now to have that human touch. We're sick of the polish. We're sick of the professionalism- We want reality."

"What we actually take away from a presentation is the energy and who the person is.
We often, after the live, don't remember all your perfect three points.
All your crafted curated quotes. We remember that that person went live and that they were real."

"Business is not about your product, at all. Business is about how you can bring the extra, how you can bring the legacy building part into someones life THROUGH your product. What they want is you, if you're not willing to bring you to the table. It's going to be very...


EP125 | The 10 Minute Fix - with author Catherine Greer

In this episode I'm chatting with author Catherine Greer about her latest book, The 10 Minute Fix - 100 Simple Ways To Feel Better NOW.

Catherine Greer lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband and two teenage sons. When Catherine isn’t writing books, she runs Love Our Age, a lifestyle blog. Her debut Young Adult thriller, Love Lie Repeat, was published in 2019 by Penguin Books. In 2018, she published her first picture book about Australia, Jacaranda Snow. The 10 Minute Fix is her debut non-fiction book. Catherine holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and a Master of Arts. She started her career as an English teacher at a private school on Vancouver Island, Canada. When she immigrated to Australia, Catherine launched a freelance copywriting business in Sydney, and also provides keynotes and corporate training.   

You can find Catherine online at, and on Instagram @catherinegreerauthor.

Buy The 10 Minute Fix here:

USA - Amazon


EP124 | How To Be A Stand Out Business, with Sarah Humphreys

In the rush to get online there's still a lot we can learn from brick and mortar businesses. My guest Sarah Humphreys shares from her 25 years in business, including offline and the events industry. She's built 6 success business, won the Women In Business Award in the UK and now is an ambassador for Mindvalley and well as coaching her own clients. You'll fall in love with Sarah (and her gorgeous accent!). 

Free resources from Sarah:
Make Your Next Move: Discover my step-by-step process to help you to adapt your coaching business to meet your ideal clients needs right now and reignite your cash flow. Link to download.
Light Up Your Brand online courses – Coaching Business Success Path 
Work With Me – 1:1 Coaching sessions and VIP Intensives 

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EP121 | How Stressed Is Your Brain - with mindfulness expert Marelle Wilson

We may not be chased by a wild animal, or face danger every day, and yet our modern brains act like they are constantly being stalked by a lion. This is the stressed brain. In this episode I talk with mindfulness expert Marelle Wilson about the value of mindfulness over meditation. 

For details about mindfulness courses, go to

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EP120 | Discovering The Power Of Resilience - with Heidi Andersen

2020 is definitely THE year to hone our resilience skills and there's no better expert than Heidi Andersen. Heidi helps women become the heroes of their own lives through her Shero framework... She + Hero = a strong, ambitious, heart-centred women leader and entrepreneur who has tapped into her authentic power and using her superpowers every single day. SUCH an inspiring interview.

To contact Heidi: Website
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EP119 | The Power Of Virtual Places in 2020 - with Erica Wheeler

A chat with TED talker, award winning musician and expert - Erica Wheeler. She founded and leads Sense Of Place Consulting. We chat about how she has pivoted and worked with the lock down, and how it is shaping her business in a 'virtual' sense right now. 

Erica Wheeler is a visitor experience specialist, speaker, educator and award-winning songwriter based in western Massachusetts. She has keynoted at events from the Wisconsin Governor’s Conference on Tourism to the National Association of State Park Directors Conference. Over the past five years Erica has also worked extensively with the National Park Service, providing her signature interpretive skills trainings at over 40 NPS sites, from Yosemite National Park to Independence Hall. Erica has also worked with other cultural and natural heritage sites across the country, including state parks and museums.

Erica has six CD’s to her credit and her music has charted in the top-ten on Billboard’s...


EP116 | Black Lives Matter - Eavesdropping On A Chat Between Besties

This is one of my best friends Ros. We met in London and we've known each other for about 20 years. We are also businesses accountability buddies, even though I now live in Sydney. The other night we were chatting about what's going on in the world right now, and especially in the USA. The conversation was so powerful and touching I asked if I could switch on the recorder and share it! This episode is that candid conversation. 

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EP114 | Black Lives Matter - with award winning singer & actor Miquel Brown

In this incredible interview, Miquel Brown shares her stories of brushes with the Ku Klux Klan, dating David Bowie and what it was like growing up in the USA, along with her thoughts on the sad death of George Floyd.

When you meet Miquel Brown, the first thing you'll notice is her big warm smile. Her energy, her enthusiasm, and her love for people stand out and you might find you become great friends.

This is exactly what happened with us over 20 years ago. It wasn't until after we became friends that I discovered she has 6 gold records, 1 platinum album, has acted in movies such as French Kiss, Fantastic Beasts, American Haunting, Rollerball, Superman, as well as endless performances in the West End. Wow!

She's one of the most humble people I know and is still busy working, juggling multiple entrepreneurial and creative projects in her 7th decade. Miquel was born in Motown and is the mother of singer Sinitta and stepsister of Amii Stewart.

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