EP114 | Black Lives Matter - with award winning singer & actor Miquel Brown

In this incredible interview, Miquel Brown shares her stories of brushes with the Ku Klux Klan, dating David Bowie and what it was like growing up in the USA, along with her thoughts on the sad death of George Floyd.

When you meet Miquel Brown, the first thing you'll notice is her big warm smile. Her energy, her enthusiasm, and her love for people stand out and you might find you become great friends.

This is exactly what happened with us over 20 years ago. It wasn't until after we became friends that I discovered she has 6 gold records, 1 platinum album, has acted in movies such as French Kiss, Fantastic Beasts, American Haunting, Rollerball, Superman, as well as endless performances in the West End. Wow!

She's one of the most humble people I know and is still busy working, juggling multiple entrepreneurial and creative projects in her 7th decade. Miquel was born in Motown and is the mother of singer Sinitta and stepsister of Amii Stewart.

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