EP117 | Parasympathetic Guinea Pig

I had one of those ah-ha moment conversations again a few days ago. One of my mentors said ‘Merilyn, you run at high energy, even when excited (rather than stressed)... your nervous system isn’t getting into parasympathetic state enough’. 😳

He was right. Being a VisionMaker too doesn’t help.

And the weird 2020 agenda is definitely not helping either! Pile on the collective stress that the planet is experiencing, and our nervous systems are put to the test.

Over in LeadYourWorld Entrepreneurs, we did our seasonal Planathon last week. Part of the process is re-looking at our ideal week. As my business has grown a lot over the last 12 months I’ve tended to just make my days fuller, without being aware of the toll on my nervous system (as gosh, I’m excited, not stressed). So as I was looking at my ideal week template I realised my ‘free’ time wasn’t getting me into a parasympathetic state! It was crash state (I do love the escapism of tv shows).

So this is how I’m starting to fix it - I have gone back to buckets/blocks/windows of 3 hours with clear boundaries. I tend to rebel when I have a schedule to follow (I love being spontaneous), but it means I’m saying yes to too many things... so I’m changing that.

I’ve called my 3-6pm window/bucket ‘Parasympathetic Window’. If you’ve ever done IF you’ll get the concept. So I’m not doing any coaching or being online (no screen time either), or even sitting in my office during that time.

I could say I’m ‘excited’ about this, but let’s say I’m calmly at peace about it instead.

I’m my own guinea pig. The nervous system is at the heart of my Lead Your World framework - it’s not possible to truly lead your self, lead others or lead your brand if we can’t lead our nervous system first.

Let’s see how I go - I’m an experiment in process.

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