EP127 | How To Network Online Without Feeling Icky

A casual chat with Monica Perez Burnett about being real and enjoying the 'networking' you do online. There is so much pressure to do things that our personalities might not be comfortable - this episode discusses this - that emotion and nervousness is okay. 

Some of the great quotes from this episode include:

"Don't be afraid to be human. We need more than ever now to have that human touch. We're sick of the polish. We're sick of the professionalism- We want reality."

"What we actually take away from a presentation is the energy and who the person is.
We often, after the live, don't remember all your perfect three points.
All your crafted curated quotes. We remember that that person went live and that they were real."

"Business is not about your product, at all. Business is about how you can bring the extra, how you can bring the legacy building part into someones life THROUGH your product. What they want is you, if you're not willing to bring you to the table. It's going to be very hard to build relationships and get sales."

"Do you understand how you're helping your audience?" Will you let fear stop you helping your audience?

"I could give you all the possible notes on swimming, on how to swim. But you will not learn anything until you actually get into the pool."

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