EP131 | Why Productivity Tools Don't Work - with Jo Bendle

What happens when you outgrow your goals? In this episode Jo Bendle shares her 'what next' after seeing her dream of successful location independent dream come true. A lively chat about about why what we've been taught about productivity doesn't work, the power of mindset work and how to have clarity. This episode is a smorgasbord of ah-ha's.

The official bit:
Jo is a Productivity + Empowerment Coach helping female business owners do more, be more and have more while working less. She helps women navigate the mindset struggles that hold them back from living a bigger life, hook into their future vision and equip them with the productivity tools they need to get there.

"I knew very very clearly that this wasn't what I was meant to be doing but it was a stepping stone... I share that because I wish people would give themselves permission to see where it (life) takes them."

"You don't HAVE to have all the clarity at the start!"

"For me there is no point giving them masculine productivity tools if I don't ALSO give them the feminine mindset work. We need both!"

"Nothing will change it will always revert back to the pattern if we don't work on the inner gain."

Jo uses a technique to restrict herself from thinking small and self doubt by saying "What would the real Jo do?"

Jo also says the best way to defeat self-doubt and restrictions is routine and structure.
The more structure and routine, the easier it is.

To find out more about Jo:

Website: jobendle.com

Instagram: @jo_bendle

Facebook: JoBendleUk

Get Jo's 5 step productivity guide here: 

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