EP135 | What inspires you? Here's my list.

I have to admit I’ve been pretty chilled the last couple of months. My body is refusing to work the way I’ve done for years. And The Great Reset of 2020 is becoming a very personal great reset.

I am, or were, very driven. Back in January I even set an ambitious task of doing a daily podcast. But I’ve slowed down. And it feels great. 

But it took a few weeks to process a bit of guilt and self judgement. A few weeks of RESETTING. Oh, don’t get me wrong, my core personality is still there. My core driver is still Vision (because I’m a VisionMaker WowArchetype)

But this reset is sharpening that vision. And the method to that vision isn’t hijacking my nervous system anymore. (Which, btw, goes to prove even more that your wow archetype can evolve, but that’s a discussion for another time!)

All week I’m sharing what makes me tick. And One of the things that is sharpening is about what really matters to me. So here goes… they aren’t in order, but simple a brainstorm of things that inspire me. A two-part episode about what I value right now.

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