EP14 | A tale of three bees

There are many types of bees and they are vital little critters in the health of our world... but what on earth what have they got to do with building a business? Well, my clients know that I talk about three particular bees all the time to help them really 'get' the business building analogy.

See which bees you identify with...


The first is the HONEY BEE.

Now this one is described as a very social bee. I think of this bee as the marketing and client contact bee. Important in any business. This is the bee that is making Instagram stories all day long! and certain personalities thrive being the Honey Bee.


Then there's the WORKER BEE.

This one gets the jobs done. Ticks off the to-do's. Does the work. Builds the website. Sends the emails. Does the admin. You get the picture. It's often the primary role of most business owners and they can get stuck here and it can stop them growing. Doing doing doing.


And finally there is the Queen Bee. She is responsible for the growth of the hive (via laying eggs of course) and she is pivotal to everything that happens in a healthy bee hive. This is the role that many business owners avoid - we don't spend enough time playing the leader our business and so we don't grow.

Bee experts would probably correct me on my science, but bee-with me enough to get the point... Most of us are worker bees first, honey bees second and queen bees third. Our business needs all working together, but without the Queen Bee the hive falls apart.

When did you last spend quality time working ON your business, rather than just in it? And do you have time scheduled to bee all those bees?

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