EP158 | Getting Off The Health Merry-Go-Round, with Dr Simone Laubscher

Dr Simone is one of those 'full stop' people... once people meet her they stop their search for help with their health. She's that good. Celebrated clinical nutritionist, naturopath and wellness coach, she's treated people all over the world - whether they were born into royalty, appear on your movie screens or the mums and dads you see at the school gate.

Simone is a regular on TV and lecturer and speaker at longevity conferences and is published in everything from The Times, to Vogue, Tatler, Womens’ Health and The Daily Mail.  If I tossed names like Elle McPherson and the Kardashians, you'd find Dr Simone! You'll really enjoy this absolutely fascinating chat with Dr Simone. 

Dr Simone Laubscher
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