EP167 | How To Be A Big Fish In A Small Pond - with Irene Moore


This interview is one of my favourites. When you 'meet' Irene Moore as you listen to this episode I think you'll fall in love with her energy like I did. Irene has such a fascinating background - a blend of tech and people expertise, which is rare.

She founded Digital Marketing London, consulting to beauty, wellness and luxury brands such as L-Oreal, NYX Cosmetics and Dior and has spoken on stages for Instagram, Virgin and Enterprise Nation.  She also recently SavvyStartupClub.com, a mentoring and marketing platform for female founders with purpose-driven brands. 

Please enjoy our lively chat on the power of visibility, female entrepreneurship and what makes a powerful brand.

Contact Irene at:
and www.savvystartupclub.com

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