184. Lead From Joy In Challenging Times - with Moni Rodriguez


We are at the beginning of massive change where there will be a new normal. We can focus on the challenges or focus on the joy of the new that is arising. In this chat we talk about how to refocus to find your joy and purpose during these transformational times.

We chat about:

  • Transitioning from corporate to entrepreneur, and how to navigate this with less stress.
  • Extinguishing burnout.
  • Overcoming fear.

"I believe that each one of us has a unique soul essence, that must be expressed in the world. When you live from your heart & soul you are able to tap into your source of joy and ultimate purpose."  Moni Rodriguez

About Moni Rodriquez:

From burning out in Corporate Europe to International Author of “I Am Joy”, Moni Rodriguez teaches professional women and men to lead with joy and live with passion. Moni speaks on stages in Europe delivering her message of joy and hope for this brave new era we are entering into. She is the recipient of the Women Economic Forum award “Iconic Women Creating A Better World For Everyone” 2020.  

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