185. My 2021 Rallying Cry!


If the news has stirred you this week… stirred you not in drama or fear, but with a a ‘something must be done’ kind of reaction… please see the leadership calling on your life.

Girls… we need more change-makers in power. Divinely powerful. Divinely loving. Personalities who yes have great strategies and policies, but who most of all are evolved personalities.

I loved the live that Donald Miller, of StoryBrand did on Instagram this week, that in Washington we are witnessing an Enneagram 8 in disintegration. 8’s can be amazing leaders, but when they are immature, un-evolved or disintegrating, they can try and tear down everything around them.

So this episode is a rallying cry. A call not to get wrapped up in the drama.  A call to speak out. A call to step up in your own leadership this year.

Not shrink back. Not play small.

Heal those parts of us that history, patriarchy, religion, traumas, education, government has defined us by.  Because your little (or big) world NEEDS YOU more than ever.

It’s so easy to get caught up in reactive mode to everything that’s happening in the world right now, isn’t it? I’m made it a habit to stay off the news and the main feeds of Facebook (I only use Facebook for Groups), to keep my headspace clear. The news of the last few days, whilst not surprising, has again shown us just how critical the need is for great leadership. And great leadership is conscious leadership.

Over the last few weeks I’ve become even more clear about who I serve and why… and I will definitely go to my grave trying to help women become leaders.

And helping to redefine what ‘leader’ means in the first place - detaching it from any corporate, patriarchal context.  

Girls, my desire is that in 2021 we become more:

Leaders of ourselves - our headspace, your time-use, clarity of calling.

Real, down-to-earth influencers (not the Instagram kind). Let’s be people who are ‘followed’ because of our character and values.

Leaders of our income, businesses and causes. We need financially savvy and strong women. Let’s not settle for ‘getting by’. 

I’m not asking you all to run empires. We aren’t all built that way.

I’m asking that we listen to the call of leadership.

My desire is to help as many women as I can not only build strong, robust businesses, but become change-makers and true influencers and wake up to the calling of conscious leadership. 

Who’s with me?

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