188. Your Wow, Not Theirs


The other day I was doing a coaching call with someone and they asked,

'Merilyn, now that there's this new ClubHouse social media platform, do we have to get on that now too?'

"Noooooooo", I said... "Not unless it really lights you up"

Listen, if you are marketing online, and who isn't... you'll know that there's pressure from the experts and gurus to be on all the social media platforms...

Be visible. 
Do this. Do that. 

But think about this for a minute.

How many times have you bought into someones system or methodology, whether literally in terms of a paid course etc, or just hearing them sprout off on social media, and you've had that feeling of , 'gosh, if I don't' do what they are suggesting I am missing out'.

Well, listen to your heart.
It knows best.

If you are coming from a place of:

  • feeling behind
  • feeling outdated 
  • feeling that something is missing unless...

Then that system or methodology, or new social media platform isn't going to work for you.

And it'll only cause you stress.

Last year, as I was running a live workshop, we came up with the phrase: "your wow, not theirs". 

It's really a good principle to live by.

Now in case you are wondering,  'wow' isn't an acronym for anything.

It literally mean's 'wow', as in... 'expressing astonishment or admiration' or 'a sensational success'.

My personal definition is that it's your 'thing', that thing that you do well.

Others might say superpower, but that's overrated and a little overused.

I'm a little sick and tired of influencer-driven hype. 
'This launch or sales system worked for me... so buy it and use it and you'll get the success I've have'.


That system worked for you, because it's yours. And it suits your personality.

We  need to talk more about personality driven marketing.
Not 'Personality', but 'personality'. 
Your personality. 

In other words:

  • not everyone has to be 'visible' all the time
  • not everyone has to go live every day, or even every week
  • not everyone has to email every day or every week
  • you don't have to be on every platform
  • you don't have to do live marketing promotions

Unless of course you want to but are just afraid.

So why are we affected by this?

Because we aren't confident in our own abilities.

Our own wow.

Yes we can learn from others. I believe wholeheartedly from education.

But please look at the Personality behind the education.

Or the Personality behind the sales pitch.

If you feel uncomfortable it's likely not going to work for you.

So figure out your wow

And follow your wow, not theirs. 

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