Tasha Smith

196. How to sell without being salesy - with Tasha Smith


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Tasha got my attention from the start…. I asked her if she had any awards… and she sent me a fun certificate ‘Employee of the Month’ from her Cat. It's her company!
Her humour won me over immediately - she's fun and yet she's serious about sales... selling in a non-salesy way, that is.  Please enjoy this episode.

Tasha Smith, Founder of Emerge Sales Training, is a business coach, speaker, and author. With over 19 years of experience in sales and leadership, she has dedicated her life to helping others.

Her powerful vision is that every person who needs to be able to sell to provide for their family will have access to high quality training that brings them the results they have been praying for.  She is the author of the book "Customer First: Create more Impact and Income With Your Network Marketing Business (Without Being High-Pressure or “Salesy”)".

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