213. Thinking Out Loud About Lead Your Day


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Oh wow Merilyn.  
You have a decision to make.
Do I change the name of my podcast, and indeed my main course?

Lead Your Day. 
Lead Your World.

They are pretty aspirational titles. 
But how much cringe factor is attached to them?

To be honest (isn’t that a funny phrase we use)... they are a hangover from my preacher church days. An implore to ‘stand up and be leaders’. 
Which is a noble thing.

I really believe in leadership. 
Inspiring leadership.

Not narcissistic leadership.  
Not patriarchy leadership. 

I DO believe in leadership.
In the power of it.

Especially for women.
Especially for women leaders.

We need a bunch more of them.
Or rather, we need a bunch more of leaders who have the masculine and feminine in balance. 
Conscious leaders. 
Awake leaders. 

But do those titles, Lead Your Day / Lead Your World scream an order?
Do they attach guilt? Or pressure?
Because they aren’t intended to.

The most important word is ‘your’. 
Your world.
Your day.

They aren’t some kind of carpe diem message of ‘lead THE day’. 

I’ve decided.

For the time being. 
I’ll keep Lead Your Day.

It’s aspirational. It’s calling us on.  And up. 
And it’s do-able.

I can lead my next five minutes.
I can lead my morning. 
I can lead my day. 
I’m in charge. I’m not a victim.
I might feel anxious right now.
I might have had a bad nights sleep.
Or just got an email that sucked.

But I’m the one leading my life right now.

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