214. A short story about anxiety


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A short story about anxiety

"I was staying with my friend who lives on the magnificent Sunshine Coast in Australia. We’d had a great day, walking along the coastline for hours and hours. Chatting, being inspired, stopping to take photos. 

The next morning, my friend, Di, asked me, ‘how did you sleep’.

I said, ‘I slept well, but this morning I'm feeling a little anxious’.

Di stopped, put down the cup she was holding, took a breath, smiled and said, ‘Gosh Merilyn, don’t we all feel that?’. 

If I was the type of person to say ‘boom’, this is one of those moments...

Boom. Nailed it.
Major ah-ha moment.

She was right. 
We all feel anxious.
All of us. 

We all feel fear.
We all feel down.

And that’s okay. 

The absence of anxiety isn’t my goal anymore.

It’s being aware of it.
And being kind to it. 

And... remembering my significance. 

Because it’s easy to forget that."


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