EP218 | Helping Ordinary People Remember Their Extraordinary Life Purpose - with Pramilda


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I met the lovely Pramilda years ago when I was coming out of a difficult phase of my life and exploring the 'what next'. She helped me navigate and shine a light on my life at that stage. 

Pramilda is a well travelled guide of the inner landscapes of the human mind. After her own call to adventure with illness, and heroic journey of searching and finding, she feels called to accompany others on their extraordinary homecoming and remembering who they are, and what they are here to do.

We chat about:

  • How her business started out of illness
  • When she knew what her personal wow was
  • What frustrates her about the industry she is in
  • Conscious awakening and remembering
  • Taking Radical Responsibility - what does this mean

Website - pramilda.com

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