220. Music For Children's Mental Health - with Fiona McDonald


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Holy Moly - have you ever heard a punk rock version of Roll Roll Roll Your Boat on Ukulele? Well you are about to in this episode. 

I'm chatting with Fiona McDonald - TV presenter, award winning rock musician, and mum who has recently started a brand new business teaching online Ukulele for kids.

After over 30 years in the music business (New Zealand bands Headless Chickens & Strawpeople), Fiona takes children from rookie to Rockstar with her online beginners' ukulele course.

She strongly believes that music is a joy, a birthright and a wonderful tool for children's mental health.  

She was female vocalist of the year in New Zealand three times, and her bands won NZ Album of the Year and platinum and gold records.

You'll LOVE this episode. 

Website: Ukulele-school.com
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