247. Empowering Women & Human Disco Balls – with Dr Katja Brunkhorst


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Dr. Katja Brunkhorst is a human disco ball!
A creative, intelligent, fun human disco ball!

We chat about:

  • Women in leadership and the crucial need for role models
  • Acts of rebellion and the creative process
  • Literary geniuses
  • Influencing the next generation

Katja is the founder of Bright Idea Holistic Branding based in Germany, and she specialises in getting you to become who you are again.  Through authentic communication and creative consulting, she supports women on a mission to heal the world & end up a-mused to set their brand on fire - without burning out.  

As a multi-passionate coach and copywriter, she helps empathetic changemakers in online biz reveal their identities…whilst reclaiming their sanity – and having fun!

A PhD in literature, a spectacularly unsuccessful career in rock music and decades of experience as a teacher and student of Yoga and its philosophy are just some of the tools in her glittering box designed to help you nail your combined power of mindset and messaging - to get attracting kindred spirits.  


websites: bright-idea.de/en and katjabrunkhorst.com/en 

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