259. ShowOff Project - with Dr Hayley Kelly, CEO & Clinical Psychologist


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In this episode I'm showing off... Dr. Hayley Kelly. 

Dr Hayley is the Founder and CEO of Therapists Rising, a Clinical Psychologist and a Business Coach who has successfully waded the muddy waters of practice diversification. She now supports Entrepreneurial Therapists to walk this same path, and build the sustainable and profitable businesses of their dreams.

And she's a great personal friend and woman I want to show off to you. 
Throughout March I'm SHOWING OFF women.
Everyday women of all sorts, all over the world. Some I've known for years, and others are new friends that I've met on this podcast.
We are chatting about the power and the struggle of being women. I'm showcasing my guests, and allowing them to showcase the women who have influenced them.
The whole purpose of this March project is to use International Women’ Day and Women's History Month as an opportunity to celebrate women… to ‘show off’ about them, which is something we are usually uncomfortable with.
My desire is to bring a little insight, encouragement, inspiration and even a little joy and beauty at a difficult time on the planet.  And, most importantly, to help me on my personal mission to re-imagine leadership for women. Because when women shine... when women rise... when finding unleash their wow... earth smiles.


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