260. ShowOff Project - with Gül Sönmez, Energy Coach


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Each day this month I'm SHOWING OFF women. Everyday women of all sorts, all over the world. Some I've known for years, and others are new friends that I've met on this podcast.

The whole purpose of this Project is to bring hope, encouragement and inspiration to women at a very difficult time on the planet.  And, of course, to help re-imagine leadership for women.
In this episode I'm showing off... Gul Sonmez

I first met Gul when she was a guest on my podcast. I loved her whole manner and approach to life and was intrigued by her intuitive gifts. Gül helps people all around the world through her unique transformational energy work. She has a fascinating story and a woman I want to show off to you. 

Website: purposefulvibes.com  | Instagram 

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