265. ShowOff Project - with Kasia Krasucka, Transformation Mentor


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Kasia Krasucka is a total inspiration. And I'm thrilled to be showing her off today. 

Kasia is a language teacher turned Transformational Mentor who empowers women to break free from fear and limiting beliefs. 

She was raised in Poland, spent most of her adult life in England, and in 2015 moved to Denmark.

Her own story is one of being trapped in her own insecurities, living in fear and sorrow - attracting pain and harmful people into her life. She know first hand what it feels like to constantly feel exhausted, unworthy, used and unfulfilled. However, the belief that life can be different, made her embark on the dynamic journey of self-discovery.

Kasia has spent over 20 years researching psychology, seeking inspiration, working with transformational coaches, and applying all that knowledge to her own life, to finally break free!

Having found her freedom, her dream is for you to discover the power of inner love and courage to reach for your wildest dreams.

Website: kasiakrasucka.com/empowerment
Instagram | LinkedIn 

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