269. ShowOff Project - with Tania Blanco, Mentor & Consultant


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Allow me to 'show off'... Tania Blanco
She's a Genius & Leadership mentor, communicator, author, and intuitive writer who’s in love with, learns from and gets inspired by Mother Nature. She's on a mission to guide individuals who are committed to themselves, to embrace their natural genius, communicate with purpose, and lead from the essence of their BEING, in harmony with their inner nature and personal ecosystem.
We are part of nature and as we understand and learn from her, and understand and honor our own personal inner nature, there is only one thing that can occur: Greatness.
Each day this month I'm SHOWING OFF women. Everyday women of all sorts, all over the world. My hope is to bring insight, encouragement and inspiration at a very difficult time on the planet.  And, most importantly, to help re-imagine what every day women leading their worlds looks like.  

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