276. ShowOff Project - Agnieszka Gaczkowska, entrepreneur


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Oooh, I'm thrilled to 'show off' another woman who beautifully balances her feminine and masculine energies as an entrepreneur. Introducting Agnieszka from Poland. 

She's an architect with a soft spot for the handmade industry who founded OPLOTKI.pl - a Polish crafting community and a thriving business based on crafting on-line workshops for both individuals and corporate.

She proves that we can all benefit from using "handmade" as a tool to consciously log-out from the high paced world and practice this as a kind of "mind-yoga" on daily bases.

OPLOTKI infects its world with positivity through a podcast, a popular Youtube channel and blog and social media - bringing together people all around the globe to an informal conversation (held in Polish and English) over various crafting techniques.

The idea behind Agnieszka’s work was captured in a TEDx Warsaw Women speech “Handmade. Product or a process?” and her journey  - in a book “Oplotki. Sukces Handmade”. 

I'm excited for you to meet her.

Website: agnieszkagaczkowska.pl 
and oplotki.pl
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