284. ShowOff Project 28/50 - with Johdi Woodford, restorative movement specialist


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Oooh, now here's a lady who I can't wait to show off to you about. The most spiffing (her words) Johdi Woodford. 

Johdi is a Restorative Movement Specialist who helps women and gender expansives, over 40, to finally uncover the root cause of their pain and treat it so that it doesn’t come back again.

Johdi’s clients enjoy lasting, unparalleled results because she takes a revolutionary and rebellious route to the otherwise very boring, very ineffective methods that you'll find elsewhere in the Health & Fitness World. Her multidisciplinary approach is unlike anything you’ve ever tried before, because no-one combines precise anatomical and physiological corrective exercise know-how, with a witch-like ability to heal that her clients describe as ‘magic’.

Website johdiwoodford.com


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